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New file at the Repository: Mord & DC's MG Unit Portraits V.4.0 (2013-11-24)

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THIS IS AN ALL INCLUSIVE MOD (YOU DO NOT NEED THE BASE GAME VERSION OR THE CW VERSION) This is a huge updated collection of over 2400 (350 or so new to this version) hand made unit portraits for your CMBN Base Game, CW and MG Modules. Besides some total refashioning of older portraits you now have all MG portraits done in the styles of the original mod (SEE Change Log for more info).SEE REAMES for lots more info. THANKS AGAIN TO Darknight Canuck for his help with the original CW Mod and his expertise dealing with the MG commonwealth stragglers! CHANGE LOG Mord & DCs MG Portraits V. 4.0 November 18th 2013Added Falscirmjager, SS Infantry, Polish AB, Luft Armor and Arm Inf, Kriesgmarine.Added appropriate divisions for the above.Added 1st Polish Parachute Brigade.Added 16th SS Panzer Grenadier DivisionAdded 1st Airborne Divisions (Brit)Added two new faces to represent Brit Glider Inf.Added 34th SS Gren DivComplete redo of Luftwaffe Infanrty Portraits.Complete redo of Polish Armored Infantry Portraits.Added SS Heavy Panzer battalion 501 & 502.Complete redo of SS Armored Infantry portraits.Added U.S. Regiments for all U.S. Formations (254 new BMPS!).Total redo of Ranger and Glider Infantry portraits.Corrected 61 ahistorical US Flag backgrounds.Corrected the mislabeled 365th German Infantry Division to the 69th.Added 65th German Infantry Division.Corrected some unit name spelling errors.


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