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After playing this game for quite a while i have managed to see some outstanding,notable, or just unusual things.

Such as the longest ranged kill- a Tiger knocking out a moving Stuart at 2040 meters. Or a Panther

accounting for 9 enemy tanks at ranges less than 700 meters, of which 3 were Fireflys.

Sometimes it can be acts from some unexpected units.

While playing "Too little, Too late" a pair of German 75mm infantry guns were placed behind the low stone wall looking right up the road. I didn't expect much from them but was in for a big surprise. Both of them lasted for about 15 minutes, occasionally having to take cover. Before being taken out by a hurricane of American fire, They knocked out two light tanks and 3 halftracks. Their shells pretty much stopped the Amis cold.

When playing the Villers-bocage operation for the first time, i got a little careless and wound up in a hairy situation.

Looking up the road towards Point 213 there is a triangulary shaped piece of terrain just outside the town.

Well, after all was said and done i ended up calling it "The Triangle of Death". It was transformed into a scrapyard. Inside and on the roads bodering it were the remains of 49 armored vehicles- 10 Cromwells,6 Fireflys,4 Shermans,6 M-3 halftracks,3 Scout cars,1 Infantry carrier,6 Tigers,6 MKIVs, and 7 German halftracks.

There was so much wreckage that just manuvering in the vicinity was a major challenge, not to mention the ferocious infantry battle that was also going on in the area. Arty and mortars exploding everywhere inside this small area and MG tracers flying in all directions.

Have seen other crazy things, but thats all for now.

Lets hear your moments!

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That' why we all love CMBO so much I guess! Probably my memories are less detailed than yours, but one that sticks in mind was a "generated game" in which I was defending a village in Normandy with British airborne. The enemy was well armoured with tanks and APC's. At first things were tough, my men got blasted out of

their foxholes by Mark 1V's and I had to fall back to my second resistance line under smoke. But this was in the village, and I let those Germans come on in. For once I'd put the PIAT men in just the right buildings, and whilst the tanks concentrated on my infantry scampering about all over the place, whoosh both Mark 1V's went up in flames. My remaining 6 pounder AT gun which I'd held in reserve took out two 251's at long range, before it got stonked. All of a sudden things were even again! Wow thinks me, a well directed stonk from my mortars could turn this! I set up on the open ground between the houses and the trees, and concentrated mg fire to keep the enemy treebound for a minute or two. Believe it or not it worked! Those field greys came across that field bang on cue - and the 3" did its business superbly. Major victory complete. Oh, and I've never emulated it since with the British, but did get a minor victory with the US airborne using similar tactics.

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My favorite was the result of a mistake on my part. I had an M8 Greyhound pop out of cover and was suddenly facing two Panthers at about 100 meters. The Panthers were busy taking out a halftrack at long range and apparently had no idea my guys were so close. I meant to reverse my M8 back into cover, but instead gave it the fast move command. Oops.

Well, as my little Greyhound charged, the Panthers started traversing their turrets in order to kill my little misguided hero. Too late. In the next turn the M8 was behind the Panthers, and killed them both with shots to the rear. Then it killed a platoon HQ, and routed a squad which was supporting the Kraut armor. Its work done, the M8 smugly returned to my lines.

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Just finished a game that I thought I'd put in here. Was a quick battle in cmbb with everything on random, only thing I chose was to be axis. Ended up with an allies assault map and a panzerIVH, 3 halftracks, 1 mortar, 1 75 infantry gun, 1 75 AT gun, 1 platoon, 1 light MG, a sharpshooter, and these were all conscript or green. Bah on random!!

Not even looking at the year I setup where I thought they would attack, with my one tank and a ht on the far side of a hill to use hit and run tactics.. and the other 2 ht in a valley to persuade any infantry to think twice. My infantry I setup in the houses that were in the middle of the map, not many houses but the best route to advance so I setup to ambush them! Sharpshooter I setup at the top of the hill the tank and ht were gona use, but had a full view of the entire map.. no need to scout that way!

Hit that darned go button.. 2 IS-2's. All I can think is how the heck am I gona get those!! Round 1 involved a pre-planned barage of artillery on the hill my tank and ht are on .. causeing my ht to do the funky waltz and to my surprise one of the is2's had a view of my tank on the far side of the hill .. I never expected that.. one shot one dead panzer! ht on the hill died same round to other is2. round 2 involved the other 2 ht dieing to the is2's. During all this i'm trying to see if my at gun has any FOV that's worth revealing himself for. nothing!

Long story short, the is2's stayed back and I managed to get a good ambush going in the houses with my infantry and the infantry gun, the at gun took out 1 of the is2's with a lucky shot.. I used that gun after that to help out my infantry. The sharpshooter had killed the second is2's commander so he was not reacting for many rounds.

Finally that tank got back into things and my at gun again had a shootout with the last is2, the is2 seemed to keep shooting high or low, maybe the AT gun was in a depression of the sorts that is known as a bug, where only a direct shot on the ground will cause damage. Believe me this was unintentional, I had no idea i'd be in a firefight with such a heavy hitter. But the at gun managed to kill that is2 also!

That one AT gun got 2 is-2 kills, 17 infantry kills, and was the whole reason my infantry lived long enough to give me a minor defeat. I didn't have enough infantry to cover the flags .. I thought i'd be able to stop any advance based on the units i'd goten. But they got way more infantry then I did but I pulled off an easy 5-1 kills/loss. Very first time I'd had an AT gun run out of HE ammo, and the crazy gun was still in the fight at the end, who says conscripts are all girlies!


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I have an embarrassing feat of battle to report... for the AI! An 88 flak gun in the Riesberg scenario knocked out three of my four tanks, decimated four or five infantry squads, two MGs, a platoon HQ and my arty spotter while surviving a full 2-3 minutes of mortar fire. The damn thing was still alive by the end of the game. Argh!!!

Needless to say, I am going to be visiting the tips and tactics boards for ways to avoid and attack AT guns more effectively!

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