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Consolidate stickies somewhere?

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We've now got so many stickied threads active it requires scrolling down to get to threads which aren't stickied.

Yes, this has been slightly annoying for a while. My suggestion would be to simply cull the list a bit. There are my suggestions:

CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

Keep it

Reminder about save games and upgrading!

Keep it

ALLIED - CMBN-Market Garden - BETA AAR (the better beta beater reader)

AXIS - CMBN-Market Garden - BETA AAR

Keep them - only paused

Combat Mission Tactical Problems

Keep it - as long as this stays active every now and then

CM:BN Market Garden BETA AAR #2 - Axis

CM:BN Market Garden BETA AAR #2 - ALLIED

Remove them - these guys never finished and are not planning to the last time I checked

Operational Level Game Announcement

Keep it - this is still on the go

The Sheriff of Oosterbeek – A Scenario Design DAR/AAR

Move it to the maps and mods forum.

Epic Mockumentary Video Series

Remove it - the videos are MIA now

Combat Mission Wiki

Remove it - sorry nothing much going on here and so riddled with flashing ads that I find it to read what is there.

My suggestions would drop the size of the sticky area in about half.

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