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State & Tribal Law on Knockers!

John Kettler

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Where would we be without laws? Get this.

"The size of the knockers, as well as other details, are prescribed in state and tribal law."

And if that doesn't throw you for a loop, consider this.

"By Minnesota statute, knockers must be at most 1 inch in diameter, 30 inches long, and one pound in weight."

For the real explanation of my seemingly outrageous post, please go here, under Use as food (not making this up!).



John Kettler

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And what is your point?

By the look of it wild rice is a plant that grows, well...wild. Overharvesting could probably destroy it, hence the restrictions on the size of the threshers used, and also on the size of the canoes allowed and the prohibition on using any form of mechanical device in the harvest.

Here's the statute

It is no different from statutes limiting the weapons you can use to hunt ducks, bag and season limits, restrictions on using flys to fish for salmon, and a zillion other similar laws.

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Knockers is world wide slang (and I've never heard of the NZ usage given there)- there was no confusion on my part.

the link with knockers/breasts was immediately obvious, but neither funny nor clever - it was also immediately obvious that the term was being used for something other than breasts.

didn't see any humour in it at all - still don't.

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