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Attaching and detaching of units

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I realised, that it's not possible to attach or detach a unit to an HQ after moving. I think, i can move the HQ and than attach unmoved units but i can't move a unit and than attach it to an HQ. Do I make any mistake or ist it true?

I think, it´s a little bit unmanageable because of the following reasons:

- When I attach a Unit in the beginnig of a turn before moving, then the benefits of the newly attached HQ will not work before the beginning of the following turn, do they? And the benefits of another HQ, the unit was attached to before will be lost for the current turn, when i detach it and attach it to the second one. That does not fit in my opinion...

- Of course I can plan my turns and therefore attach my units before moving, but my plans can go wrong (for example bad luck in casualities) and that can force me, to vary my originally plan and to move units in a completely other direction then planned. So the HQ, attached in the beginnig of the turn, may be worthless in the future because of distance or so.

- Even if i move a unit planfully out of the distance of an HQ, which it is attached to, i have no possibility to attach it to a new HQ, even ift the new one is only one tile away.

Are there any compelling reasons to rule it in that way?

I Think in history there were several examples for divisions or corpses which were seperated from their beginnig field army command and subordinated under a new Field army command before, immideatly after or even while an military operation. And the game ist based on turns, which last weeks or (in the winter months), in my eyes enough time, to organise a new commad and supply chain...

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We've been discussing this as we agree that you do have a point about when you can attach/detach in comparison with when newly attached units benefit from that attachment.

What we propose to do is to maintain the requirement to attach/detach before moving or attacking, but to make it so that the benefits accrue immediately rather than in the following turn.


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Hi Bill,

thank you for the answer. I think, that's a practicable sollution for the problem.

A general question. If you discuss such problems with us, how do you implement the discussed changes in the game? Will it happen with the next patch or in another way?

Kind regards


P.S. I wanna gratulate you, Hubert and the other guys in your team for creating this game! A lot of fun and even the most accurate implementation of the historical processes of the first world war, i have seen in a game so far!

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