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Tanks Not Moving

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I have been playing a PBEM game of the Montelimar scenario as the Yanks with a friend of mine. A number of my tanks did not move when I gave them orders. Finally I issued them the Reverse order and then another order such as Hunt which finally got them going. Anyone know why they would have ignored my initial orders? Thanks.

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Hmmm. Were you actually seeing them with a move order line in place, and were they not obeying it?

I ask because I once made the mistake of having a whole platoon selected when I thought I'd selected just one tank. Then, when I deleted one leg of a move order for the vehicle I thought I was ordering, the moves for all the other tanks of course disappeared as well, leaving me to wonder why they weren't going anywhere.

Just trying to eliminate the obvious here. If it's actually a case of tanks not following orders, then I don't know what is happening.

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That's right they had move orders but would not obey. Once I gave them the "Reverse" and then followed by an order such as "Hunt" they began moving toward the enemy. It might have something to do with how units stop as soon as there is any kind of fire whether it be artillery, small arms, or armour piercing in front of them or at them. However in this scenario I had 4 tanks on the right flank where there was nothing happening for some time before I was finally able to get them moving using the procedure I described above.

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