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What's this? Silly question,..

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About 25-30 years ago, a Schwimmwagen was parked on my playground :). I played on it as a kid :).

Of course back then I didn't know what kind of car it was. It was just an old, small, strange looking olive-green car with a propeller behind, parked on my uncle's yard on his farm. I lived there, the large farm was divided in half between my dad and my uncle.

The story was that some guy that owned a Schwimmwagen asked my uncle to store it for him. Don't know why, maybe the guy didn't own a garage. It was in Poland, in the years before the 1989.

So for few years a Schwimmwagen was just parked in some bushes on a yard, partially covered with some tarp, sometimes not. I remember the strange shapes, small narrow tires and especially the folding windscreen :). It didn't have seats, IIRC, but other than that, it was in working state - I was told that when they brought it, the guy with my uncle played with it and tried to swim on a nearby lake - and it was swimming :).

Unfortunately, I don't know what happened with it later. In those times in Poland (before the 1989), such things (surviving German military stuff) were not worth as much money as today and collecting them was seen as something somewhat wrong. Not much people were interested in it, anyway. Today it's another story.

I wonder, where it is now - probably not in Poland anymore - and what was it's story.

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