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If I was to say HOOOOGE QB MAPS

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Lets hear more about that 2v2 thing you're doing?

Also If you have MarketGarden you have a nummber of large nicely done master maps.

The repository has (do a search)



Caen area - Juvigny to Fontenay - Map Only

Large maps


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Here's a quick fly by of the 3.8km map:

'Other Means'

I'll private message you.


I've thought about uploading them to the repository, but to be honest, I've always found it such a messy, cumbersome place to navigate that I've never bothered putting anything there.

But I should get them to the community somehow, I have a few maps I think are worth sharing.


I don't want to derail the thread, but 2v2 WEGO has been by far the best way I've experienced playing this game so far.

Communicating and co-ordination with a teammate is excellent, it adds a whole new dynamic and level of realism to the game.

We're currently playing a massive [14000 Points per side] game on the 3.8km map linked above.

Combined German Heer and SS fighting against British Army and US Airborne sectors.

It's been brilliant.

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In deed more point options would be fun. But it can be done if you are playing with a trusted opponent. The first post from my 20 000 point "QB" DAR has a link to a 2km by 2km map by Pete W that is really good and instructions on how to setup a QB with arbitrary points.

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What good are these maps, when QB is limited to only 7000 points?

QBs are not the only fruit. Having such a map predone as the basis for a scenario would be (is) ace.

However, that doesn't make:

...why won't battlefront add the option of defining points for each side...more than 7000?

...- why make everything the user has to do a guess?

...any less valid points. It's definitely mysterious why there have to be any fixed values for QBs. A tooltip that outlines the generally expected ranges for the various sizes would be entirely adequate. If tooltips were implemented in the interface.

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