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A fond farewell to CM


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After thirteen years of great entertainment and fun I played my last CM battle last week, from a habit of a half dozen battles a day and having three or four PBEM always ongoing. I kept at least one PBEM going all those years, until the last one finally ended - in victory.

Moving on now

Thanks for the the great game!

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Hey Hans! It's been a long run. Thanks for all that you've done for CM behind the scenes and the fun translations you've provided.


My pleasure in some ways I enjoying making those 200+ scenarios as much as playing the game.

On the translations, my Libyan contact disappeared and I haven't heard from him since the civil war started. My Syrian contact now lives in Dubai and is a supporter of the regime. My Palestinian contact has become an American and his first name is 'Jihad'.

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I hear the great thing about getting old is that once senility sets in you can play the same scenario over and over and it is fresh every time! There's always a silver lining!






Yeah ... but you already posted that last month, and the month before that, and ... :lol:

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