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License/game won't start

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(I've also sent this on the e-license support email - Martin?)

Trying to install Shock Force on my laptop after a long hiatus (Win 7, 64 bit). Was thinking of getting the 3-in-1 module bundle for it, but I want to be sure I'll even play it anymore first. I originally received the d/l and print version so I installed off the CD this time, but see there is no license in the game manual or on the CD for some reason. I think it was installed on my old computer which isn't even hooked up anymore, and I don't even see my order in my account info on the site, so no key there.

Also, the game won't launch when I double-click the shortcut (1.32). Just gives a quick hourglass and then nothing. The troubleshooting guide links are out of date (mentioned something about Windows DRM?). So I guess I need a new license and before that a way to get the game launching so that I can input said license. Thanks.

EDIT: figured it out. Need to right-click and 'run as administrator'. Now I just need my license...

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I don't know if this has been resolved for you or not.

If your order was a download + mail delivery ('pre-orders' are of this type), then the license key ONLY appears in your Battlefront store account AND it is emailed to you once the purchase is completed. When CMSF originally went on sale, the current online store system wasn't in place. So orders and their license keys (for those that have a 'download' component to them) do not show up. Martin has to look these sales up in an off-line database to get the license key.

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Got it, thanks. Been playing and enjoying SF after a 4 year absence. The patches have fixed much of what was wrong with it. One question though, what is the TF Thunder campaign bug that I keep hearing about? I'm halfway through the campaign and am wondering when I'll run into it...or was it fixed?

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Unfortunately the issue with the TF Thunder campaign is still present, after several attempts to fix it. The issue seems to come up sometime after the 'Night Stalkers' mission. I'm not absolutely sure of which battle or what branching/campaign logic may be at fault. 'Dagger Fight' is another battle that occurs usually after 'Night Stalkers' (if I recall correctly) that is where the crash may occur. Work-arounds have involved surrendering the 'Night Stalkers' battle, but I'm not certain if that always corrects the issue or not (by going to a different battle).

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