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Cool things that I've never seen before...

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1. Being able to switch back and forth between Win98 and CM WITHOUT any crashing or lockups. This is the first *program*, not to mention the first game, that I've seen do this with causing a problem.

2. Pan and Scan from any unit in replay. I think it's too cool to be able to watch up close when a Sherman explodes from an 88 sitting on top of a hill or when a Tiger is ambushed and brewed by a couple of bazookas. Being able to watch over again is outstanding!

3. Sending the demo out as a zipped file that requires no installation program that'll screw with your registry settings and not be able to remove it later on. D/L'd (w/ cable modem), unzipped, played and got a$$ beat in less than 30 minutes.

As a fellow propeller-head that used to deliver public software years ago, I must commend BTS on how they have managed everything so far. No major foul-ups. No patch that was needed 10 minutes after the release. Just a fine product with a couple pages of documentation.


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