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As we are getting closer to the 2nd Round, I guess many players have completed games. I suggest they share their experience with us in this thread.

While full AAR might be too much work for most of us including me, it would be great if you guys come up with some report or descriptions of your games, finished or not. No need for pictures but you bet it is welcome!

Wargaming is not just about some jeeks staring at a computer screen in the darkest corner of a room. It is mostly living an adventure just like watching a superb movie or reading a good entertaining book. If you want this tournament to be a real thrill, come over here with your stories. Just take a small 15-20 minutes to give everyone an overview of what happened with your terrific strategy or your terrible mistakes, why the goddess of fortune is against you,,etc. We are all ears and eyes! So come on folks! Wake up!

I will start my own report tomorrow with my game Axis(MonsterClaude)vs Allies (Calculon) still going by December42 now.

Thanks for watching like they say on TV!

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ROUND 1 game Allies Calculon-MonsterClaude Axis

Usual opening moves in fall 39. Poland fell in November39 because I left 3 polish units alone. I did not want to waste time over there because I wanted a quick conquest of Netherland and Belgium in a vain hope to catch the French unprepared. Despite my best effort, I could not attack Benelux before December.

Calculon had already a defensive line by then but, fortunately for me, had no british units behind so he could not use any unit to interfer without breaking his line. In fact ,Calculon elected not to bring any british forces on French soil regardless of the negative impact on french morale. He thought British forces would be more useful to repel a Sealion attempt. True, there is a risk of losing all or most of the british units in France. In another game of mine where France capitulated I had 3 British units in southern France that surrendered including a tank unit, it hurts!

Even though my German boys were far from ready I went forward with an early Winter offensive on the West front.


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Round 1 Allies Calculon-MonsterClaude Axis

In Asia same stuff. I had to reshuffle japanese units in 1939. Axis Strategy there is as simple as this: attack all the way! China should not have any respite. Calculon stays cool and we both notice it won't be that easy for the Japs. Chinese boys are well entrenched and my Japs suffers more than expected. Still I got some progress by June40



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ROUND1 Allies Calculon-Monsterclaude Axis

I got very lucky to take Paris after many tough relentless attacks in the past turns. Finally one army reduced to 1 managed to cross the Seine bridge and parade in Paris rumble! France surrenders in May and I accept Vichy. Calculon must have regretted to hold back the Brits. It sure would have made a difference. But GB is untouched except for few mpp sunk by my U-boat, less than 80 I think. Calculon has a very good patrol system, my subs cannot find any Atlantic holes. In Africa, Italians and Brits are quiet waiting for the outcome of the french campaign. Calculon started to move against Abyssinia though with the Sudanese and the South Africans.

In China, I am getting result at high cost but it is worth it.




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Report Ultima (Axis) vs. Amadeus (Allies)

Right now I have a victory cause Manila is in US hands. The bad news is we played to fast and so I think Ultima will turn the match. The first turns I was very good. The key in favor for Axis was Turkey went to Axis as I take Iraq. Spain is now Axis too. Only Egypt and GB is allied area. Axis seems very strong now. Maybe I was lazy in the mittle (1942) and I underestimate Ultima.


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Round 1 Allies (calculon) vs Axis (Monsterclaude)

August 41. Barbarossa started. Put my artillery in front of Brestlitovsk. Bad choice. Kaunas is a tougher nut to crack and right in the middle of my supply path. Artillery should be have been sent there instead. Calculon chose to build russian units at the detriment of tech research. Very long term bad choice! Russian units without tech or HQ are nothing but cannon fodders. Notice my level3 tank. I could have attacked earlier but I was waiting for that just in case Calculon had lev3 too. He, then could have easily trade his own tank units for mine but he would get his own tank units back faster than I can because of usual german supply problems in Russia. Remember loosing a unit at supply level 4 is very bad.

China is slowly sinking. Calculon moved many units southward to protect threaten Lanchow. I saw an opportunity to cross the mountains there with little resistance in sight. Now, chinese units are in full retreat and Lanchow was surrounded. Always keep the mountains there fully garrisoned.




hébergeur image gratuit

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Round1 Allies (Calculon)vs Axis (Monsterclaude)

May42: Germans on their way to Stalingrad. Leningrad just fell after a long siege. Bakou should soon fall. Russians have regrouped around Moscow with shorter supply lines and well entrenched units. Now, Russians have Lev3 tank but many German units, HQ as well, have now 2-3 stars experience giving them the edge in every combat. Experience is the key for tactical superiority. Even if your opponent outsmart you with his moves and deployment, he won't be able to kill your units. At least, he will need a lot of buddies for the task.

Med is quiet. Calculon slowly build up Western Allies strength now that USA are at war. He is trying to catch up with tech but soon the Tiger tanks will appear on the battlefield. His troops are no match for the beast so he must wait for opportunity.

In Asia, very experienced Japanese troops have finally crushed Chinese resistance and are now heading for the Russian border. Most Pacific objectives are now secured by the SNLFs advance. Calculon has momentarily stop the japanese advance in Burma so I have to send reinforcement but I'm a bit short of units with huge conquered areas needing garrison.


hebergeur d image[/



hebergeur d images

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Moscow fell after much fighting. Calculon had strong units well entrenched all around and I had to send the bulk of the wermacht, all panzers, best HQ , etc and wait for supply to catch up. In a case like this, you must go for the HQs first. Calculon had 3 HQ there. Going straight for the city, if shorter, would have been way too expensive and the time apparently saved is lost anyway because you have to replenish your armies and they lose their precious experience in tough frontal assaults Once the russian HQs are gone even at some cost, the remainder can be wiped out easily. Notice I did not attack the strongest Russian unit entrenched at 6, the level3 tank unit. Why? Next turn this unit will be out of supply and be destroyed with low loss for me. Notice Winter is close so I took a risk with a slow build up in October to get my best troops in range of the targets. Had the weather deteriorated too much, I probably would have been stuck there until March43, a big waste! Novossibirsk is in japanese hands so Russia ‘s capital is now Sverdlosk with no more retreat possible.


image gratuite

I put a picture of japanese advance in the Solomons as a first stage for an eventual Australia invasion. Now look at the picture and spot the numerous mistakes I made. Can’t you see?

Yes, first mistake, no japanese HQ around. Well , I have 2 main drives going on in Russia and Burma and I am preparing a 3rd one for India. With so many units and long distance involved, I need my HQs for the job. I also keep 1 HQ in reserve at the center of my defense perimeter for emergency in case the Yankees show up somewhere with a bold amphibious attack. The most risky or unlikely path is often the one good players prefer because surprise is even more important sometimes than tech or numerical superiority. Calculon is very careful with his moves though and I doubt he would be ready for big gambles but some players are. The very large Japan defense perimeter cannot be garrisoned properly so the need for some reserve at the center.

The Solomons drive is a minor one, more like a probe. There is a risk of losing lots of units because they are not deployed adequately if the Allies counterattack in strenght. True, November 42 is still a bit early for the USN to strike but it is possible. Sometimes giving a smoke show is enough to force the Axis player to react and move fleets. Remember, whenever fleets are moving they are not available for attacks. As an allied player , Calculon should use the rather small 1942 Pacific USN as some ghost appearing and disappearing so I must redeploy constantly


heberger une image

One more mistake. Don’t bring more units in a low supply area or wait for the supply to improve. It was a premature move to bring in New guinea 2 air units becoming then almost powerless, same thing with the fleets. Notice how vulnerable is the japanese carrier fleet set on air defense at Port-Moresby. Very easy to spot by the enemy. Any LB allied fighter, even in reconnaissance flight can engage it and do lot of damage. Never let the bad guys know where your carriers anchor so leave them well protected behind several screening or scout units and scattered coastwatchers. No carrier as naval spearheads, never!


hebergement image

Up there, have a look at USA losses and mpp income. Most losses come from the Philippines battles but nothing more after that. Given The USSR situation, Calculon should have put as much as he could US units on first line in Europe, even for low odds mission. Whatever! North Africa! Europe coastal raiding, Naval offensive in the Med, resources bombardment,etc.

By November42, 470 mpp for USA is pretty low. American Ind and Prod tech investments must get their share from the very beginning. It is not possible to feed 1943allied offensives with USA/GB below 900 mpp a turn.

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One more mistake. Don’t bring more units in a low supply area or wait for the supply to improve.

That is a big Issue in playing this game.

Take the lowerleft pic when I take the russian city in the north of the caspian sea. When marching forward you have to make sure that the units you place are enough to hurting the enemy and you have a HQ-supply. Otherwise, the supply is dropping under 50% and the units are without (or very low) effect. To do this it is important to concentrate on particular targets. Do not share all units to all possible places. "Who defend everything is defending nothing." Especially single air units will suffer more damage than inflict casualties to an enemy when placed without HQ into the sticks. Ask yourself, what is the recommended duty and are these units enough to take the next target (city).


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Group E:

Some news from Steelman out of Group E. The good is that he is at turn 94 against tman and the match is near to the end. Not that good is that his match vs. Altaris is a bit back as the are in summer 1942 (must be about turn 70/75) what is too slow. Steelman is in good mood to win both matches. Hopefully we will get another short report from llhnickerson cause he do not play steelman. That would complete all matches.

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Steel and I are wrapping up 1942 now. I know I've already lost, so I'm ready to concede whenever he wants to, but we've decided to keep going for the time being.

If you think 1942 is too slow, then maybe I shouldn't even tell you what turn my game vs llhnickerson is on! We're still in October 1940 in that one!

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Group F:


We are now at turns 124 & 125.

Gary hold tournament-victory-conditions on BOTH games:

On my Axis game I hold all 6 objectives...none of the 6 primary objectives are under immediate pressure. On my Allies game, I have taken 2 of the primary objectives (Paris & Rome)

ITALY, ROMANIA, BULGARIA & HUNGARY have all surrendered....the Sigfreid line is being breached, Brussels and Amsterdam have just been cutoff & surrounded....Russians are pushing hard into a

devastated East Front...accordingly Hitler's days are numbered.

Annotation from me: Sounds to me that Gary is winning his mirror match.

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Play Offs: Pacestick vs. Tomi

Peter won his Axis game and in the mirror game it its the beginning of 1946 and Tomi hold most of Asia except Australia, Japan conquer Eastern Russia, India, China,Irak, Iran, Syria, Turkey and Baku.

But USA and Allies fight ruthless battles in Europe.

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Play Offs: Steelman vs. Fritz

Steelman is kicking my $%$#... If your other games are finished, I am happy to surrender. It is the summer of 42 and my Russians are getting crushed, he has taken Stalingrad and Moscow and I am on the run. In my Axis game my Germans are still driving on Moscow, and have suffered a humiliating winter counterattack losing the entire Romanian army and supporting units. So I think it is safe to say he will win..I think my Axis have an MPP advantage, but I do not think it will be enough to turn things around quickly, and when/if I do, it will take far longer to win. His Axis should definitely win. The only place I am doing better is with China, but that is a minor theatre, and he has finally broken through the mountains so it is only a matter of time now…

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Big Final Overview:

The matches are at turn 80 respectively 90. Steelman seems to make a good job so far. All in all an arm wrestle but still too close to call. All players are still strong. Seems to be the right players in the Final. Maybe we getting some pics later.

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It's June 1940 and the Axis already conquered France installing Vichy.

The USSR is preparing it's attack on Finland and Persia:



Battle of Tobruk - no German support in Africa


Mistakes on the northern Chinese front allowed a japanese breakthrough


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Early Barbarossa with successful attack on Odessa, Kharkov and Rostov.


Finland taken by the Red Army after heavy losses on both sides.


Fast advances of Japan in China


UK invasion of Norway to open a second front for Germany:


US mobilization still very low.

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It's now February 1942. China has surrendered, the US is still at 69%.

Norway has been conqued by UK, now preparing an attack on Sweden:


Moskow has fallen too, Stalingrad is the last strong defense line led by Zhukov and most of the Russian tanks.


Preparing for the awaited jap. attack in Sibiria:


Finland still under russian control:


Checking the italian defense in Sicilia:


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