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Some Oddities with the Spacebar Commands

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I've noticed something strange with the list of buttons that pops up when one presses the spacebar: if a unit is currently on Hide orders and/or has a weapon in the Deployed state, the Deploy and Hide buttons will show as depressed when the player clicks on a new waypoint created for the unit. However, at the same time, those two buttons will not show as being pressed on the row of buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Put another way:

-Have a unit on Hide and/or Deploy Weapon orders

-Create a new waypoint for the unit

-Click on that new waypoint and press the spacebar button. The Hide and Deploy Weapon commands will show as depressed, but the same buttons at the bottom of the screen show as not being pressed.

Hopefully that makes sense. I'd post screenshots, but I'm not at my gaming PC right now.

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