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How do you change the facing of fortifications in setup?

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For linear obstacles you have to lay down 2 (or more). The first one you place will be aligned as it was when you selected it, but putting the second adjacent to the first will align them so that they make one continuous barrier. When the barrier is oriented as you want it, pick up the individual elements and they'll retain their orientation.

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I'm trying to place a trench; I can join 'em OK but I can't turn 'em.

No face command is available, only move and right clicking with any of the usual keys, shift, alt, etc. has no effect. Nor G. :confused:

If you have a section of trench aligned east-west, placing another section southwest of it should make a double length section now aligned SW-NE. If that doesn't happen, I think there may be something wrong. Assuming that it does, each section will retain its SW-NE alignment if you Move it to another location, or if it's the one you leave behind.

Have a fiddle. That's the basic principle of it, and with more sections you can make more convoluted shapes, though some of those might not be preserved without the adjacent pieces.

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