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Mini feature wish: A Number for each artillery asset


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A simple number for each asset in the roster would be very helpful to manage artillery plans:

Currently I'm playing A Temple To Mars. A fantastic map in the mountains and a big battle with impressive amounts of artillery.

The problem: the artillery assets have no unique ID.

It's cumbersome to count the artillery asset number by hand always from the beginning, to know which asset was called by which observer.

For example: a game has 16 artillery assets, 8 on field assets and 8 off map.

The off map assets consist of 4 81mm mortars.

The 16 assets fill 4 rows (1 row shows 5 assets).

Company 1 calls the third 81 mm off field asset. Which in the artillery menu would be somewhere in the third or fourth row.

For me it's impossible to keep an overview without an unique identifier for each artillery asset. Was it the second or third 81 mm asset being called by Company 1?

A solution would be, to give each field in the roster a number. So the player would only need to write down: Company 1: #13. Then he would automatically find the asset on the roster with the number. No need to switch through the roster and count by hand.

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Yep. The experience (and other relevant soft factors, if there are any) of the asset should be displayed as well, so that you can tell which assets are better or worse. You can guestimate this from the call time, once you select it, but in the first turn, they all have the same sub-minute call time and you shouldn't have to select them; there's space on the unit info card.

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I agree this would be easier to tell which artillery/mortar one is selecting. Until then, my advice is to have the camera looking toward your force from the enemy perspective when placing artillery fire missions. In this way one can see which gun crew is being highlighted easier for the mission while better being able to see the ground where one wants the artillery to strike. Also, guns are listed in the roster in order of where they are in the order of battle. For example: If 1st platoon has two mortars, and 2nd platoon has two mortars also, going from left to right in the roster 1st platoon’s 1st mortar team will be the first one on the left of the roster. 1st platoon’s 2nd mortar team will be the next one to the right, and so on. There is some order to it.

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