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Kohlenklau Vehicle thread

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once again, having the AM coffee and looking at Daisy's left butt cheek. That mud texture seems lonely and out of place. I will move it outboard to that triangular area below the cargo racks. And once there give it buddies of similar texture.

It looks too wet also. Maybe I can darken it up to look like it has dried in the cold crisp winter air.

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Hi kohlenklau,

very nice work you have there!

Even though the best possible advisors are already present, I will try to make some comments myself:

The lower front section is a bit of a pixel mess. Including the roller thing in the front. You should give it some larger spots as you did so skillfully on the front fender visible in the screenies above. Also, add some lines and contrast to flesh out the structure of the parts in this region, the front wheel, e.g.

The scratches look great.

The mud looks "painted over" in spots. I am not sure this is the desired effect.

But you are definitely on the right track!

Best regards,


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Kohlenklau, you are doing great, really, but at the start modding vehicles is difficult, frustrating,...Be patient :)

Two years and a half ago, when I started, I hadn' t experience at all, so it was a trial and error, no modders to help, or ask for advice. Eventually I think I managed to get some tricks but even now when I look back at previous mods I think they are bad, REALLY BAD. But, you see, I was trying and trying and learning on the way,...there was no other secret but practice...

Keep on trying!!

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I must admit I AM enjoying it. And I sincerely appreciate all who take time to post advice or comments or suggestions.

Fuser, I think maybe you start modding and actually almost stop playing the game.

But I will try to not let that happen....

I have to make sure I stop occasionally and make sure I am learning some fundamental basics of photoshop. Just yesterday I had a brush not do what I thought it was doing just a few weeks ago. Did I adjust it somehow? What other settings are involved so I can re-create any specific process I stumble upon. I need to make my own brush set and maybe even some of my own brushes. I am not sure what a pop-up is. Does CS3 have pop-ups?

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I will now spend a little time on the basics. I just watched a short tutorial on making a photoshop brush set. A .abr file as it is called. I have renamed a few brushes with familiar names like "Bulge white wash mop 39". So, my goal will be to gather all the useful ones together and give them familiar names.

I did create a brush set a ways back but somehow it got doubled up with copies of the same brush. Be right back.

Edit: OK, I found the missing brush and this time renamed it a better name. I think "Bulge Brushes.abr" is good to go for a while.

I hesitate to pull in all the other useful brushes from other abr's. I think I DO need to look through these other abr's and find the good brushes

and not just grab the first one I see, copy it to my new abr and never go back to look at the other brushes in that abr.

At this point it is utterly overwhelming the different brushes out there. I downloaded Cs2 and it came with a butt ton of abr's. Now I have scrounged a dozen more.

Some are not useful to my needs, weird feathers and some really odd stuff better suited for a tattoo parlor.

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I worked on changing the whitewash style on the front roller and bumper.

Before I thought of it as snow frost. Now it is just applied whitewash.

Too clean so it will get some weathering soon.


I got rid of the lone mud stain.


ok, funny photoshop story. Back maybe last weekend I was playing with the dodge and burn tools to try and crisp up the seams and hinges and rivets and stuff.

jeez, I sure thought I was using the dodge tool. It turns out from closer study just a second ago that I was using the blur tool. Jumpin Jimminy!!

I just learned the sponge tool, set to desaturate as in Fuser's advice to desaturate the stock mud textures. a lot. At first I was hunting through the menu's looking to somehow adjust colors with some fancy sub-menu with dials and levers.

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I call it mask.bmp, but it is a copy of the main image.bmp you are modding but it is just black and white. any image.bmp can have a mask.bmp I suppose.

When loaded a certain way when doing the "layer mask", the details of the base image are better revealed. Comprendes mi amigo??

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You actually don't need to create a whole new file for your mask. Open up the wheels bmp and hit CTRL+J. This will duplicate the background onto a new layer. On this new layer, convert it to grayscale, or desaturate it with SHIFT+CTRL+U, and hit CTRL+L to mess with the levels to get the desired effect you want. At this point, create your layer mask and proceed as before.

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Thanks Rambler. Your post reminded me of those 1970's airplane disaster movies. You were the control tower qualified-pilot talking the passenger through landing the jumbo jet after the pilot and co-pilot had ate bad food or something. "Above your head is a large red lever, turn this counter-clockwise to the left, under your seat is a flask of vodka, take a healthy long swig..."


It crisped up the lug nuts. The snow in the treads effect has been dropped back quite a bit. Too much for my liking, so I guess I will go back and fu---, I mean, tweak with the mask image...

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Again, I most sincerely thank all the experienced folks who have posted tips and techniques and suggestions.

This thread can probably serve as a good "get started with vehicle modding" tutorial?

If one already exists, I have not found it. So many things get lost or buried, like the recipe for making concrete. The Romans knew how but then it was lost until rediscovered in the late 1700's.

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it WAS more snowy on the wheels but then I did a layer mask on the wheel.bmp file and whoosh it kinda disappeared. I need to go back and either tweek that layer mask or just crank up the snow in the tire treads and weather the wheel area. Probably the latter.

the rust on the roller looks too pale, I will re-do that.

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adult model making experiences (not what you might think!!!)

Since I turned 21 (just as an age related point of reference) I have only built 1 and a half plastic models. An Mi-24 Hind (1/72nd scale). My first with an airbrush. I thought it turned out great! My wife was cleaning and it was soon damaged. Then my newborn son got it and it was destroyed. No choking hazards involved. More of a: let me see that Dad!

Then half a half-track before the paint fumes had my wife shut me down...It was a German 251 with those nebelwerfer tubes. A stuka on foot? almost 18 years ago!

so, in honor of the un-built models. I present "Daisy". Let her stand as is fellas. Please no more comments. Save them for the next project. I know she is not perfect and I do respect your comments. But she has to take flight and I move on to the next project.


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