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Kohlenklau Vehicle thread

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If you want a Normandy M3-Hull with no stars you can find it here.


The zip has 2 files the Hull.bmp and a mask.bmp. The mask.bmp can be used to help keep some of your detail when you paint your snow lines. It’s not a perfect solution but it will help. Let me know if you’re not sure how to use.


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The best solution for a pretty convincing winter camouflage in MY opinion is to do what all the "real" modellers out there do - paint it by hand. Which, in a sense, you already do and do pretty well.

What usually DOESN'T work is doing details with a quick standardized solution. If you want the details to stand out (again), I think the best way is to erase the whitewash in a somewhat randomized fashion.

To illustrate what I mean, I'll show you a picture of a winter mod I did a couple years ago. It isn't perfect by far but I think you get what I mean:


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EZ, thanks. I do NOT know how to use the mask.bmp. I can google.

Erwin, thanks for the encouragement.

Earl, thanks, I see what you did and last night started a little bit of that. But tonight I am gonna also try and make some rivets...unless EZ's mask.bmp solves things.

Love those retro octagon wheels! This game sure has progressed.

Gotta go with the sons to the gym and then later can mod some on the M3.

I also will upload another part of the Bulge 44 mod.

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wife's night off, no modding!!!

had to winterize the pool, sit in the sun and appreciate the yard, had to go and have a few beers (no problem!), get soem groceries, now had to watch season 7 last disk of Dexter. No modding!!!

busy night, might even have to bump uglies...

No modding....!!!!

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ok, I might be going down the wrong road. I just can't get the color replacement tool to work properly. So, I made a rivet. It seems stupid but I haven't been able to change the color of the normal olive drab rivets to become a white based rivet.


This was at 1600% zoom-in. Out at normal 100% it turns into a beautiful rivet.


I can copy and paste Robby wherever he is needed. Maybe a gazillion times. Unless it is still OD so say half a gazillion rivets.

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Need some kind tutelage for the color replacement tool:

color tab on color window.

Background color is eye-dropper sampled from my olive drab rivet down on the active background layer.

Foreground color is what I want it to turn into...

I left click on the color tab's foreground color square and it calls up a window. I see lots of white at the top and select that. It looks white to me.

Its specs are H1 S1 B99. But it looks a grimey grey when I use it. WTF!!

What am I doing wrong?

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ok, doing a little googling it seems white has no pixel information and thus cannot be the replacer or the replacee.

And if I paste white robby rivets on the left hull, I can flip the layer and copy and paste it onto the right hull. So, there are some time saving steps I can try to utilize.

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Some things take time, no matter what you do. But copy+paste for things like rivets or weld seams is a good way to save time.

Still, rivets and stuff are more likely to have their whitewash rubbed of than flat surfaces. Alos dirt and rust accumulate around and under rivets pretty fast - something else to keep in mind.

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let me rant a bit here...

apparent quality of mod < quality of screenshot < quality of video card

I am gonna try an experiment and take a screenshot of one of Aris's mods.

Don't misunderstand me, his work is absolutely stellar, he puts in tons of man-hours and he has payed in blood, sweat, time and tears to refine his techniques and methods.

We'll see how my crappy PC/GPU makes it look. I am downloading his FI/GL US half-tracks.... be right back...

alright, before I do that experiment I went in and tried to set my settings to give me the best possible minty fresh breath. best for 3d models and 3 d textures.

And I am a noobie at a lot of things so I will try to remember to post the screenshot as a JPEG, maybe that is the best way? Or maybe it makes no difference. Before I seem to always post bmp files...

I will post a screenshot of the latest version of my half-track mod. I added a small crew applied vehicle name "Daisy". Some rivets are pasted but not all yet.

Oh, and a quick thank you to EZ for providing a star-less M3 hull bmp file.


ok, drum-roll please, here is Aris's half-track. Once again, this is just an experiment and then I get my sorry excuse-making a$$ back to the grindstone.


wow, mine looks like the teenage chick with too much make-up on! I really got to pull the detail back out. OK, I can do that. I better put another pot of coffee on...

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I like your dirt weathering to the rear of the wheels. But, yes, if the model has details it's best to show em even if subtly with rust. Don't forget to put in streaks of dirt/rust from the details, cos that is where dirt/rust will accumulate and run down streaking the sides. That's one feature missing from Aris' version.

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Layer masks will make your life much easier, kohlenklau. Take a look at this for an explanation of what they are: http://designshack.net/articles/graphics/a-complete-beginners-guide-to-masking-in-photoshop/

Once you've read that, here's a little tutorial I put together that specifically uses the M3 files EZ posted earlier in this thread: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/66606021/layer_mask_tutorial.pdf

This is pretty much the same process you use to do camouflage on vehicles. It's a little more involved, though. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I am reading it now. I see it is called "kohlenklau vehicle tutorial". Thanks so much Rambler.

ez did send me some instructions via PM but I tend to take a while to stop bad habits so I have been doing a few rivets today. They're easy but then I tried to do a white tie-down and that was where I saw I was losing the battle. I will start playing around with the layer masks right away.

Rosie the riveter would be proud. I focused on the right side for a while.


compared to a bit earlier below, can you even see the rivets in the above newer version?



I did it!! Here she is using what I did before combined with the layer mask technique.

It is a little subtle. But I CAN see all the tie-downs and the various hinges much better.


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Thanks fellas! This morning I coulda swore I posted a short to do list but now it is vanished.

Maybe I forgot to hit "Post Quick Reply"....?

1. I have a 39 pixel brush with those ragged edges, and a 17 pixel brush with smooth edges. I want to make a 17 pixel brush with ragged edges. I like it better than the super smooth 17 pixel brush I have now...

2. scratches and scrapes on the whitewash lines.

3. some Neil Young weathering "Rust Never sleeps"

4. mess around with the background layer to try and increase the definition coming through the layer mask. Or do I mess with the layer mask? I will try both...

5. splatters and splashes and washes

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Thanks Fuser.

I would love to see some other winter camo vehicles from other modders.

<<Hey, I really cannot use that term "other" yet, since I have not yet released a vehicle mod, still "in progress" ;)

I guess I will have to wait for the real deal CM East Front or CM Bulge.... :(

BUT, will not the bmp's be the same and the effort would not really be wasted?

A beautiful Sherman white wash vehicle mod can be done NOW and offered up for use in the CMFI GL Bulge 44 mod and still be used later in the CM Bulge family. Correct?




hint hint hint

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OK, it is October 28th, I can do several hours more modding on Daisy Dukes and maybe get her released by 1 November...

then what?

I am writing a small Bulge 44 scenario and could use a winter camo M8 and a jeep.

After that I want to delve into doing an axis vehicle in a certified Ardennes Offensive camo scheme. Not sure what vehicle or what camo scheme but I am open to suggestions.

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some but not all of the to do list


I downloaded a few more brush sets but didn't get the look I wanted for spills and drips. The world of brush sets is incredible. I will keep looking...

I did a hand print but once you shrink it down it seems to be almost not there.

My rust isn't rusty enough.

I couldn't find the right scratches either. YET...

But it is insane what is out there.

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Hi Kohlenklau,

I still should have sets of whitewashed vehicles and equipment for CMBB. Obviously Russian and German, but I think the Russian models included some US lend&lease stuff, too.

I'll have a look tonight and send to your mail what I find.

Might even be a nice idea, to make a gallery of old and new CM models.



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