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Kriegsmarine traditional uniforms

nik mond

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Thanks. Didn't realize how my file host was set to huge pictures :eek:

One anecdotal story I gleamed from the internet regarding Kriegsmarine traditional uniforms. Late in the war a Kriegsmarine formation came under command and control of an SS division. Seems there was a surplus of pea dot camo uniforms, mostly wrap tunics. The Kriegsmarine infantry were given the pea dot camouflage but they refused to wear them and went on to the end of the war fighting in their Navy pea coats. I guess getting captured looking like SS didn't appeal to them.




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It would be nice if uniform files will be tie together with helmets and boots files.

I agree, somewhere there is a deeply imbedded spreadsheet, or some other programming, that links all these accessories to the models but we can't get to it. The most one can do is replace the olive gaiters with the dark gray ones, not so conspicuous. The model frames are what they are. I am going to post as an open folder instead of BRZ in the repo so people can pick what they want.

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Wodin said:
Can't wait for this..I notice in the drawing the officer has a blue hat but your mod has a white one..why the difference?

Also shame we can't have untucked (is that the right word?) trouser like in the drawing and photo..

Officers and crew wore both white and blue uniforms this includes hats. As seen even in the b/w pic. The white hat should go with the white trousers. Pea coats were always navy blue. Generally white is summer dress or tropical location, blues are winter dress. The exact date of transition is Captain's digression. Having mixed units, and transient sailors pooled from different commands in late September could result in some sailors in whites. I thought the variety would look better than monochromatic.

I can't do much about the models and their associated kit. Its just painting. I would have liked to drop kit frame too.

I'm unclear: will these uniforms appear on every Heer soldier, or just sailors? Does the game actually provide for separate Kriegsmarine uniforms?

For sure its only Kriegsmarine. In the game the sailors have a unique tunic from the Heer. The stock gray skin is very well done with brass buttons, belt buckle and insignia. But I like being able to tell the sailors from the soldiers.

Download from GAJ here

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This is great! I was thinking of posting a request for someone (with more talent than I possess) to make a Kriegsmarine mod just like this! You must be able to anticipate my every need. Here, I'll try it . . . *closes eyes and thinks of what he needs next* . . . hey! It worked! Now there's a beer in my hand!

Great work, thank you.

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