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Lost all hope of this coming out

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Any luck putting those poor guys in that jeep back together? I refer to the rather anatomically remarkable screenshot I sent you some time ago from my bloody outing "Cats Chasing Dogs."


I know the waiting's worse than having your teeth mercilessly and slowly filed down with a wood rasp, but as someone who's been in CM from early on, I urge patience. As others have noted, the last time BFC rushed something out, it was such a disaster it nearly sank the BFC ship outright. Would further add that the ongoing clash between Bil and c3k has uncovered some major issues, which also have had to be addressed, and who nows how many more may yet show up? Other things being equal, I'd rather BFC delay release of MG until the known issues have been resolved, as opposed to unleashing it and hoping it's right.


Tut! Tut! You know it's a Module, not a Game, but your way reads better and has greater impact in terms of making your point.


John Kettler

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I agree, John, let them take all the time they need for ironing out the bugs. What is another week, another month, what does it matter? Nothing. We are so impatient and restless nowadays, more, more, more. It is the main source of our unhappiness. If you're really feeling desperate about the delay, I can recommend the book of Eckhart Tolle, named The Power of Now.

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Again, I don't understand why people keep talking about I'm complaining of the wait when there is no such thing.

I just said more communication from devs is a good thing.

What's frustrating me is that people keep making the topic about the delay instead of communication, which is what it is supposed to be and we go nowhere with the topic. We just get silly posts or responses that are not the issue AT ALL.

Communication. I am stressing better communication from the devs because in the long run it will bring a net gain in customers. That is all I am asking for.

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"There once was a man from Nijmegen who had an insatiable crave'n. His hope was Market Garden to play, yet no sign check as he may. As he searched the web forlorn, he at least found vids of cats or porn. At least it let him be, and all of it for free. Maybe soon he'll be using that money he's save'n"

A poet I am not, but a hinter I am :D


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