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identification of mines on the deployment phase


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when buying mine in IMFC, there is a choice of three categories:

AP and mixed, AT mines

when you're on the ground with three categories of mines, there is no way to differentiate each type of mine!

Conversely, in the CMBN info is taken into account.

I missed something?

I have not found how to differentiate anyway

if a kind soul will give me the solution

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You now know precisely why minefields are carefully laid out and their specifics recorded when they're laid. Generally, the minefield markers only indicate the presence of mines, not their type. (Moon, info only; no product) Here are some real world examples:

Modern U.S. practice.






WW II German


As you can see, not one offers the specifics, merely that the area is mined.

There are three minefield types in CMBN/CMFI: AP (antipersonnel), AT (antitank) and mixed (the two types together, but at lower individual AP and AT mine densities than a single type field would have. The mixed type is designed to ruin the day of anyone trying to remove AT mines. Infantry can walk through an AT minefield with impunity, but not a mixed one. Not sure what sort of threat, if any, AP mines pose to vehicles and AFVs. Would imagine S mine type weapons wouldn't be fun for either softskins or AFVs, given the high likelihood of crew and passenger casualties via low air burst.

The CMBN manual appears to have nothing on determining minefield specifics once laid or on the details of interactions with vehicles. Am unsure whether this last category includes AFVs.


John Kettler

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I may have misspoken myself, but I wanted to say that when we made ​​the purchase several types of mines for a quick battle or the design of a scenario and we find ourselves on the map to place, they are identical and you can not differentiate them.

CMBN on in the info bar at the bottom of the screen, when the mine that you want to place, it is stated there mine type in contrast to the IMFC on selects.

I supose an upcoming patch could fix this problem?

tank you for your answer

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