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Surface Pro Tablet anyone?

Lt. Smash

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Hmm. Maybe someone should come out with a version of CM for the iPad/Android...


Not at all what I mean.

I mean using a tablet to play CMBN or CMFI in their complete glory.

Not this halfway measure (IMHO).

Its like those "ooh this is the tablet version of this game" games that pretend that they are just as good as the originals but when you try them you see that they are just a hollow shadow of the originals with most of the core stripped out.

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I think someone has, though I don't know if you want to base a purchasing decision on that. You have to use the latest Intel drivers (at the time it was the March or May 2013 drivers) and I believe CMBN will work moderately well with it (though still a bit slow).

Thanks. I was given one by my company. I'll travel with it and would love to take CM on the road. I'll play around with it and see what I can figure out.

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For what it's worth, I could not get CMFI/GL running with the latest Intel drivers but I downgraded to the March 2013 drivers (version and was able to get it running, albeit with blocky text and weak graphics. However, it will help fill the void when I am traveling.

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I tried to run Medieval Total War 2 on a HP laptop that had a dedicated AMD graphics chip with 1 Gig of video memory. It was a dual core AMD. The results was disappointing. Never tried Combat Mission 2 though. I already installed it on my desktop so i didn't want to crate any licensing issues.

The Intel HD integrated chip is pretty weak. Some of the newer integrated processors with graphics capabilities may be better, but with PC/laptop sales down there are going to be deals to be had.

I gave away my laptop and will look at getting a quad core with dedicated 2 gig graphics card soon. I'm sure around Christmas time or shortly there after you'll be able to get something decent pretty cheap. You could probably get a lightweight laptop that functions like a tablet.

Something to think about.

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