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T-72 HQ Night Defense Mission Has Been Submitted

Mortarman Deke

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This will be available for download from the Battlefront Repository as soon as the Battlefront administrators approve it.

The night Cemetery map/environment from the T-72 Balkans On Fire campaign is another great environment that I have wanted for a long time to build a new mission in. What I have produced is a new mission created in that nighttime Cemetery environment.

This is a scenario where elements of an operational maneuver group (OMG), that broke through allied front lines, are now threatening one of your headquarters facilities and a helicopter landing zone that are miles behind the front line.

The Cache File is: HQNightDefense t72.ca

The Script File is: HQHightDef.pd

Enemy forces consist of 8 T-55A tanks, 2 Shturm-S’s, an Mi-8 helicopter, and 3 infantry squads (one squad being transported by helicopter). Allied forces consist of 3 T-72 tanks, 3 Sprut-B anti-tank guns, and the equivalent of 2 and a half infantry squads.

Expect your tank position and the helicopter LZ to come under attack first. Based on the location of the river to your east, and the helicopter LZ and a local settlement to your south, our intell resources tell us that your tank position will likely be attacked from the west-southwest.

The allied T-72’s and infantry squad will not move out until the armored forces attacking your position are destroyed. Once that occurs the allied T-72’s and infantry squad will begin to move out to attack enemy forces that have taken over the helicopter LZ. Our Mi-8’s located at the LZ initially, will scramble at the beginning of the mission and begin a search and destroy flight pattern over the battlefield. The allied T-72’s and infantry squad will attack the helicopter LZ from the south. You can approach the LZ from the same direction as your fellow tanks or you can get creative and approach from another direction. The fire fight at the helo LZ will be close quarters, and remember, the T-55A’s main gun is very effective against the T-72 at close range. Approach with care, and use your night vision sights in your Gunner’s position.

Once enemy forces at the helicopter LZ are defeated, the surviving allied armored and infantry forces will head for the river ford to the north toward the center of the map. To ensure that the player’s T-72 tank participates in the defense of the allied headquarters position, I have added scripts to have the remaining enemy forces wait to attack until after your tank crosses the river. Your tank may cross at either river ford position. The remaining enemy armored forces will attack in force from the south.

This scenario occurs under cover of darkness and with somewhat reduced visibility. Enemy forces will not become visible until they are about 700 meters away from you. Using your night/infrared vision sights will be critical to being successful in this fight. This is a difficult mission to clear and pretty exciting to play from the Gunner’s position. As in most of the missions I posted, I recommend that you upgrade your tanks armor multiplier from 1 to 2 in the game’s Config mode. With the close quarters combat however, the enemy T-55’s will still be able to effectively destroy your T-72 tank. Enjoy!

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Since we can't post screenshots on this forum, Dragonfire, if you or anyone else that checks this T-72 Balkans On Fire forum out would like to see screenshots from this mission or others that I produced using the missions editor, please check out the fan page that I recently created on Facebook for this game. It's the page titled "T-72 Balkans On Fire".

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