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New file at the Repository: 1945 Operation Downfall (2013-09-15)

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This is a hypothetical Division-level invasion of the Japanese home islands in 1945. Although the Allies have overwhelming combat power American national moral is precarious. The Allies must capture key cities quickly, or suffer national moral loss and thus loss the game. Additional Allied troops can be moved into the theater, but this will impact national moral. Also, it is vital to keep the USSR out of the war, should they become belligerents American national moral will plummet. The Japanese must delay long enough to lower American national moral. Their most effective weapons are Kamikaze unit aimed at Allied shipping. I hope all enjoy.


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Thanks, it works.

Please could you tell which is the end date of the scenario ?

Further, Korea & Manchuria have no roads nor railways, is it intentional ? Should they stay "neutral" ?

Anyway the map looks good and this "what if" scen. is quite interesting all the more it was likely to happen but only if the Manhattan plan failed. This could be a variant with no A bombs launched and no influence on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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