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Working on a new mission for the T-72

Mortarman Deke

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I'm nearly finished with testing a new mission I'm producing for the T-72B tank. It's set in the night environment/map that the T-72 BOF Cemetery mission was set in. I removed the gravestones and turned the map into a series of allied fortified positions and a helicopter landing zone. I'm in the final testing phase and really only need to tweak the enemy retreat trigger a bit to ensure that the mission victory can be attained realistically and smoothly and it will be ready to publish in the Battlefront.com Repository.

Anyway, the situation is you and your forces are on the defense. There is an enemy force consisting of 8 T-55A tanks, three infantry squads, 2 Shturm-S's, and an Mi-8 helicopter. Allied forces consist of 3 T-72's, 3 Sprut-B anti-tank guns, 3 infantry squads, and 2 Mi-8 helicopters.

Allied headquarters is protected by the 3 Sprut-B guns and 2 infantry squads, and at your fortified position the 3 T-72's (including yours) and an infantry squad are located. All positions will be attacked. The 3 tanks responsibility is primarily the defense of your position, and the helicopter landing zone. I set up the mission so that after the Helo LZ is liberated from enemy forces, the enemy attack on your head quarters position begins on your way to the HQ position so that the player's tank and surviving other T-72's and infantry can participate in a very intense defensive battle for your own headquarters.

I've seen a lot of Mi-8 helicopter kills against T-55's in this mission which is pretty sweet actually, and in the post mission 3-D fly-through I got to watch one of the Sprut-B's in action against an enemy infantry squad. That was really cool. I was situated right behind the gun and got to watch the crew manipulating and firing the Sprut-B. The Sprut-B took 2 RPG hits, and lost 2 of it's three crew members to small arms fire, but the Sprut-B ended up the victor in that engagement with the surviving artillery gunner ultimately killing the entire squad. The engagement in that case took place at a range just under 400 meters from the Sprut-B.

I should have this mission published to Battlefront.com's Repository sometime this coming work week. I'll post an update once I submit the mission in the Repository.

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