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I think there's some sort of glitch with my "target light" option:

>Playing Canadian campaign

>soldiers running into building under supression fire

>specifically tell covering section to use light fire

>press cease fire

>overwatch section immediately fires a few grenades and a rocket into building

>3 wounded canadians

>happens again and again

>sustain twice as many losses as i would have if there were no friendly fires


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It's more for suspected enemy positions for me. I'm going to engage these before hand and try to move infantry up from the side. When the infantry reaches the building, I cease fire and send the section at the side in as quick as possible.

Any more direct routes, or buildings that can't be suppressed I just avoid completely, but keep an eye on with a machine gun or IFV.

It worked extremely well in the Strength & Faith scenario, with no friendly losses whatsoever and 200 enemy casualties.

However, this was due in heavy part to enormous armor and artillery support. In scenarios without these, MOUT is a nightmare specifically because of this bug.

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