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Looking to make the Leap! - Global Conflict

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Gents: :cool:

I purchased SC WWII Pacific Theater several months ago and really love this game system! :D

I've played several PBeM scenarios (not so enjoyable) and currently have two PBeM Operation Z (Campaign games) underway with different opponents (lots of fun!)

So... SC WWII Pacific Theater has whet my appetite... and I am taking a hard look at SC WWII Global Conflict.

A few questions to veteran Global Conflict players.

(1.) Is there an active and large PBeM player base?

I do not want to purchase this game system and only play against the AI.

(2.) How steep is the learning curve?

I have several months experience playing SC WWII Pacific Theater. I assume the same game mechanics apply in Global Conflict?

(3.) Global Conflict has how many game patches?

I am thinking of purchasing the Gold Bundle and need to understand how to patch it up to the most current version.

Many thanks in advance to your replies! :)

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Hi Kool Kat,

Welcome aboard :)

1. There still seems to be an active PBEM player base but I think many players have now moved on to the latest Global Conflict expansions of Assault on Communism and Assault on Democracy.

Assault on Democracy in particular has a very large and brand new global campaign map that you might enjoy as well.

More details can be found here:


2. I think if you've mastered the Pacific Theater you should be able to step right in... the SC system has remained very familiar from release to release over the years but you'll just have more map and strategies to consider.

3. Global conflict has been patched to v1.07 and I believe the latest installer includes this patch but the version number can be double checked on the main screen of the game in the lower right hand corner.

Happy gaming :)


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Gents: :cool:

Despite the lack of replies, I have moved forward and purchased Global Conflict! :D

It looks really good and I am anxious to find an opponent!

I'll post in the "looking for an opponent" thread.

I must apologize Kool Kat, I did draft up a reply the other night, but must have logged off without actually posting it!

Only one of your questions is probably now relevant, and I'm glad to see you've made the leap, so here is the answer I was going to give you to that question:

You can download patches here, and our patches are cumulative, i.e. you only need to instal the latest for the relevant product, as it will include all changes released in prior patches for that game:



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