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Transiting Breached Hedges Issue

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There seems to be a difference in effect when you blow a hedge that is perpendicular to a map edge vs a hedge at an angle.

I find it only takes one charge to make a hole large enough in a perpendicular hedge for all sizes of vehicles to transit (so long as they are carefully lined up to transit at 90 degrees to the gap).

However, I just spent around 10 WEGO turns failing to get vehicles to transit a blown gap in a hedge that is at an angle to the map edge, even when the vehicles are lined up perfectly.

Actually, after many tries I was able to get a halftrack and PzII through but have no idea how or why... since I cannot get a small kulbelwagon through, let alone anything bigger.

Is this a known issue, or is there a trick to transiting?

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Yes, "sometimes" and sometimes on can use only one charge (which I love cos there are rarely enough).

My questions is whether there is a difference in the hole that is made if the hedge/wall whatever is at right angles to a map edge as opposed to being at 45 degrees. My experience above is that it is MUCH easier to drive thru a one charge hole in a hedge that is perpendicular, and almost impossible to drive through a hedge that is at an angle.

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I've had problems getting through a 1-charge-hole before, but at the time, I never thought it might be due to the hedge orientation.

Of course, in my case, when I made a 2nd hole, there was a little piece of hedge left between them, so I had to make a third ! Grrrrr.

Since your observations, it makes me think that this could be related to the building bug where tanks can't go down roads with diagonal building edges on either side.

I do hope BFC can look into both issues ( especially if they are connected ). I've seen this problem in FI as well in Sicily maps where rocks on both sides of a diagonal road render it impassable :(

The very presence of a road should be creating a passable route - it's what they're for, right ?

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"...the building bug where tanks can't go down roads with diagonal building edges on either side."

They also have a problem going down a diagonal road with any kind of obstruction on each side (hedges in my case). They do it, but with massive time-wasting stops and starts.

And yes, with a diagonal I realized it's too easy to make the hole with a little bit of hedge in between. Must blow holes on in perfectly perpendicular hedges if at all possible.

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When I've had this problem, I think it's been 100% because I've blown the gap next to an existing gap in the hedge. You can't put vehicles through the "infantry gap", and that "infantry gap" occludes some of the width of the hole you've blown, so vehicles can't fit. It's a bug/unintented feature.

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