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New file at the Repository: In the heat of the morning (2013-08-23)

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Some extra info (ofcourse there is a briefing in the scenario file too):

Category: Fiction

Best played as: German vs AI only

Scenario length: 70 min

Mission type: Allied attack

Date/time: 12 June 1944, 0730 hrs

Weather: Hazy

Temperature: Warm

Wind: Light from the south

Ground: Wet

Map size: 800 x 624m

Designed by: PanzerMike.

This is the very first scenario I have made for CMBN. It was a lot of work but is was fun too.

Thank you JonS for your scenario Design DAR/AAR, it was very inspirational and a great help!

I put a lot of effort in the map. Urban combat in CMBN has been much discussed. There are improvements forthcoming in the Market Garden module. Meanwhile I have tried to make the village a place with lots of places for the infantry to take positions that will make life for tanks pretty hard. I will probably revisit this scenario when MG is out.

Meanwhile, I hope at least some of you enjoy this scenario.

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This puppy has been downloaded 100 times. Anybody who played it feel free to comment. It was my first shot at making a scenario. I deliberately focussed on a German defensive operation, as most scenario's deal with allied attacks. And I tried to make a map that feels 'alive'. Was it any good? Any comment is welcome!

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