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ALLIED - CMBN-Market Garden - BETA AAR (the better beta beater reader)

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28:00 to 27:00, cont.

Bil Probes the Town


I've got a couple of VERY exposed teams up front. One is in a field between Outhouse and Endhouse, on my left; the other is on my right, well forward. They are there to take away the easy approaches.






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Just posting because photobucket has restored their links, so I wanted to check my screenshots. They are here. One thing I only touched on, was what a great sport Bil was to play. In every case,

Blood for the Blood God!!!!!! Crush, kill, maim!!!!! Build a throne out of skulls and wear a crown made of entrails. Grind those weak girly men into pixie dust!

Posted Images

28:00 to 27:00, continued...


These guys, Endhouse, will SLOW out the back, and shelter along the side. They're not in a great location for survival, but Bil HAS to take care of them before he commits infantry to the Town Center.


These were the guys who were GOING to fire on the windmill HMG nest. Now, I'm more than willing to have them charge with mortar shells clutched in their fists, but I'm not sure they'd make it all the way. The mortar tube is back in the gully in the Dunes. Lucky Panther machinegunned them as they fled from the lone tree at the top of the gully.


This was the halftrack which was the target of the team in my left flank farmhouse. Some rounds pinged off the armor, but the gunner is still there. It's only a matter of time.

I'd love to know how Bil's teeth sound as he grinds them in frustration as all his halftrack gunners get killed in turn. Ahh.


Finally, the left corner. This is a sideshow, but it has absorbed some of Bil's combat power. I may change my mind about my CS tank. Instead of attacking towards the flank, away from the main front, I may redirect him. Something for me to ponder...

Again, this has had to be brief in order to get the screenies posted. If I've skipped something you're puzzled about, post a question and I'll answer it.

My big picture? Remember what I said when I started this battle. I'm not fighting Bil's forces, I'm fighting Bil. This is a battle of wills. I will annoy, contest, and generally frustrate Bil until he begs for an end. Killing all his gunners is part of that. Losing my tanks is NOT.

He's testing the Town defenses, no doubt noting every location that has fired. No matter, he'll have to TAKE the town to gain the points. I await.

Ken out.

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Yeah I have a question. Is Private Pete "PIAT" Little up for the Victoria Cross (VC)? Which sort of brings me to my next point...

I think it would be great if it was possible to designate a unit (for example a squad/section) at the beginning of a scenario and/or campaign, and be able to track the unit with highly detailed statistics throughout. I am talking about stats much more in-depth than what we see at the end of a scenario or campaign. It would be great if these stats could be accessed and followed during the duration of said scenario/campaign. Stats that could be included (ammo expended, kills, wounds, captures, surrenders, names of each squad member, battlefield promotions, gear being carried, weight of gear, etc...) Maybe highlight a unit and then use a key press like Enter, to pull up a chart of the detailed statistics.

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A VC? For doing what is expected of him? I think not. Now, his dead mate, Langdon, I may consider him. After all, he actually HIT his target, that lucky Panther, and then died for his efforts.

I like the stats idea.

More turns posted later tonight. Yeah, they'll look as ugly as the previous ones, but they'll make up for what they lack in visual splendor with tactical glory. Hopefully.

Ken out.

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Cashiered? I'll probably be awarded the MC for this fight...

Nah, MCs are only awarded for acts of personal gallantry. For leadership you might get a DSO but only if you win an stunning victory or get badly beaten - giving a DSO to a defeated commander helps when dealing with the press afterwards (valiant action against all the odds, standard of leadership outside that which could normally be expected, etc. etc.).

So, looking at the state of play, I reckon you'l be in line for a DSO.

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While working as a cashier after the war, you can author your bestseller Pints, Pubs & PIATs: War Amid the Tulips. Losing 251 gunner after gunner must grate, but Bil can count himself fortunate you didn't nail the driver through the open visor. Would dearly love to see you smack his Flak, as it were! Regrettably, it's largely been adept at avoiding such summary judgment.

Appreciate info re smoke modeling and refer you to the studies I dug up on extracting targets from cluttered backgrounds in the Spotting thread (NOT the Tank Spotting thread). Makes most interesting reading on how a soldier sees the battlefield, what can be seen and IDed and from how far. Particularly relevant to your situation is one that looks at finding targets in an urban environment.


John Kettler

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27:00 to 26:00

Wrapping up loose ends...




Thoughts (which weren't included in the screenies): I need to focus more combat power against Bil's armor. That's a crucial difference. I've done a good job neutering his halftracks. They're still VERY useful to bring his troops forward. He is fearful of my piats, that's all that's keeping him from rushing the town and unloading. Well, that, and the fact that he has tanks, quad flaks, and a bit of time still to go in the game. It would take at least 10 minutes to secure the town. I woul allot 15 minutes as an absolute minimum. He needs to get infantry up, and soon.

I have far too much riding on two single units: my piats. If I can kill 2 tanks early next turn, Jaggie 241 and either the other jaggie or the wirbelwind, then I'll only have to deal with 2 stummels, 2 panthers, a quad flak track, a 37mm flak, and some other odds and ends. That sounds rather tough, doesn't it? But then, my paras have proved to be excellent troops.

I have demo charges and may start rat-holing through some house walls and tall walls. That'll help in some small set of circumstances.

The next few turns will be crucial. I expect a lot of mayhem.

Left flank is a side show. I'd like to use my CS tank to get some kills. Plus, it'll be fun.


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Turn 26:00 to 25:00, cont.

(Plans for 25:00 to 24:00, cont.)






That's some fun about to drop down! I also have two teams hunting Jaggie 241. The guys from Nessiefield and one team from the back of Town Center. I'm using a Jeep as bait to keep their attention.

Ken out.

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