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AXIS - CMBN-Market Garden - BETA AAR

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Back at the town Ken pushes his armor into the town.. two of these tanks push right into the town while the third, an AA tank, provides overwatch. Interesting that he is advancing these without infantry support. Unfortunately I don't have anything in position to really punish him for that.



Top image below show 2/9 moving into a blocking position... Ken is attempting to push infantry over the Dunes.

Note that in the bottom image from what I have seen so far Ken seems to have two separate attacks going on.. what does this mean to me? It means that he has two distinct forces, one in the Dunes/windmill area and another at the town.

I am seeing options galore at this point.


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Check out the following video vignettes... (trying some creative editing ;) )

... Panther kills Cromwell - watch carefully, you might notice the Cromwell featured in the next clip arriving in position.

... Jpz-IV/70 kills Cromwell - you can also see the Wirblewind doing its area firing in this clip.

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Ken's Challenger took three rounds before it fell to the gun of the Jpz IV/70. I think Ken might have missed that it was fired on last turn as he did not try to move it out of position... it did start to reverse after the first penetration.. stopped all movement with the second, and the survivors bailed after the third knocked it out.

if this is the only Challenger Ken had then I can breath a little easier as that is one scary gun.


So what we have are two distinct formations.. the first, I'll call this Windmill Force looks to be about a Company sized force... this might have been Ken's main effort as it had the strongest armor support from what I have seen so far.

There is at least one Platoon coming out of the Farm towards the Windmill.. so the other infantry in this area has to be from one or two other platoons.. that is how I determined this to be a Company sized formation. It now has one Cromwell left in support.. any other support assets are unknown.


The other formation I am calling Town Force (creative no?)... I named these formations obviously for what their main objectives appear to be.

It looks like at least two infantry platoons heading for the town center behind the three tanks... and perhaps one more on flank security.


Well... if I have at least two companies together in these two forces, I can probably expect at least one more (the Town Force flank security?)... chances are that Ken does not have a force in depth and probably has his entire force on line... if that is indeed the case then I have an opportunity that my mobility can take advantage of.

My initial goal is to keep Ken's Town Force at arms length.. he is obviously after the town.. once he has that chances are he won't go much further with it.

My objective is to neutralize the Windmill force...

• the two halves of 1/10 will continue holding back to their best ability the enemy formations to their front

• 2/9 will advance forward towards the Dunes... goal is to get and keep the enemy's attention.

• 1/9 will advance on the Dunes from the flank, again their goal is to get the enemy formation's attention

• 3/9 will move fast around the rear and attempt to take Ken's Windmill force in the rear.

My support assets I will divide up depending on need and depending on what the lead elements bump into.. at a minimum each platoon will have at least one AA asset... and my two Stummels will move with 3/9. The rest I will hold in reserve until the situation develops.

I will be moving these forces to jump off positions over the next few turns and will get into more detailed planning once they are in position.


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2 Good Players?


Absolutely. IMO Ken's use of the map and some other things we should not discuss here, IMO is excellent.

But Bil's (concealed) use of his tanks against tanks in the (open) dunes was even better.

The better is the good's enemy but doesn't turn good into bad.

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I saw no further advance of any of Windmill Force this turn.. in fact the last remaining Cromwell reversed out of the area, it was watched part of the way by my Jpz which got off one round which was deflected by the trees... it fired again right as time expired, which leaves the round frozen in flight and we'll have to wait until next turn to see what happens with it.

Regardless it appears that Ken's advance in this area has stalled... I just hope he isn't planning on trying to pull the entire force out before I can assemble and attack it.


Back in the town.. I have ony a few units in place here.. 2nd Squad and the platoon HQ. The HQ unit is startig to climb the church's bell tower. It also has plotted my two mortars on the town center objective which will come in a few turns from now.


2nd Squad's teams have been slowing down his infantry as they advance on the town, so Ken fired with I think two of his Centaur AA tanks... click this link to see video of Ken's Centaur AA tank firing on A Team


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The round fired at the end of last turn impacted and knocked out the last remaining Cromwelll... the Wirblewind joined in at the end .. watch it all in this video showing the death of the last Cromwell


Ken attempted to push a PIAT team to a position where it could engage my tanks.. it was turned back with at least one loss from my Windmill area infantry before being able to take a shot.

My Panther was on the move this turn anyway... looks like the Panther was this teams target.


In the town Ken pummeled the A Team building to rubble taking out the last two members of that team. He is pushing a lot of troops into the town... I think I'll let him have it for now ;)

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Hi Bil, I'm enjoying it as well :)

No really. Missed a few days of the AAR but got stuck right back in the action. The movies are cool to watch... well maybe not for Ken :)

Also your Combat Mission Tactical Problems link is a great resource for helping folks enjoy CMx2. Had you thought about including "game files" as a teaching resource? For example "Traveling" ... load this game file here... and play it on your PC to watch how it is done.

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Also your Combat Mission Tactical Problems link is a great resource for helping folks enjoy CMx2. Had you thought about including "game files" as a teaching resource? For example "Traveling" ... load this game file here... and play it on your PC to watch how it is done.

Hey Buzz, yeah I will eventually start a thread for that project. After MG is released I hope to have all of the basic posts up and ready. There will be two starter scenarios, and you will need either MG or CMBN 2.10 to play them. As I said more on this later.


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Okay so I had the wrong designation of these little babies.. they are Crusader AA tanks.. this one is firing at the church bell tower, luckily I had escaped that death trap at the end of last turn...


...did I say luckily? heh.. seems I did the job for him as the platoon leader falls to a friendly mortar round and the last survivor was cut down seconds later by something.. shrapnel or? Oh well.


Back in the Dunes area of the map.. for some reason Ken is pushing this jeep containing what.. a mortar team, an HMG team? into the death zone. Must be an HMG.. I can't imagine a mortar would give him much help in extricating his forces.. or is he going to continue the push towards the windmill? Seems odd at this point to push more troops into that area.

Bottom image, note that this team (possibly a sniper) is actually facing away from my 1st platoon/9th Company that is assembling and scouting on this approach... a few rounds from my lead team forced them to ground.


Okay mortar rounds falling on the windmill area... I should have expected this. One falls right on top of B Team 3/1/10 wiping it out. So now its time to pull back from this line with the other teams and take cover while this is going on.


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