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AXIS - CMBN-Market Garden - BETA AAR

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His windmills create wind ... from grain- he is the most interesting AAR man in the world.

I agree with Vark along with JK ( who also mentioned it awhile ago ) in that SMG fire is alittle to effective. I have been playing v1.0 ( patched ), and think Small Arms in general is lethal enough

As my HMG team entered the windmill they came under long range, ineffective Sten fire. So now I know this team has been seen... that means they will have a short stay in this building.


Once at the top they do spot two Cromwell tanks, buttoned, moving fast into the dune area... Ken is doing a fine job of using the terrain, his tanks are sticking to the gullies and behind ridges as they maneuver.


The foremost tank had its turret facing 1/10's location on a covered arc. That might give me a hint as to their intent...

What are their options?

Option 1 - attack 1/10 and the windmill area at the center of the map. To me this is the most dangerous, he could do some major damage.. but on the other hand, I'd like to see what kind of damage the Wirblewind could do to these tanks. :D

Option 2 - this could be an armored reconnaissance aimed at the heart of my setup area. If that is the case then these tanks will run into my Panzer platoon, which would not go well for them.


Regardless of which route he takes I need to prepare for all options and get more eyes on to the field.

I haven't given orders yet for this turn as I received this turn very late last night and have to head into work now. So I'll post more this evening with my thoughts and movements.

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I was thinking of making an AAR with not only screenshots but videos of the main action and such for the entire Kampfgruppe Engel campaign...

But I guess I'll skip it then... :(


I wouldn't take my opinion as representative. Many CMers probably are happy about new cool pics, text and videos, even if the action doesn't make tactically much sense. Or have you ever met a director of action movies to quit a project, because there are movies that make sense, too? :D;)

CM has a lot in common with chess and I think it will be very good for sales, that BFC this time has chosen two good players, presenting the excellence of CM. IMO we should be glad about it and demand more DARs from masters presenting CM. Everyone should profit from it.

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Looking forward to another excellent presentation/preview Bil. I have to say though that I find the objective placement for a ME rather odd on this map. I read an earlier post where you said there are objectives on the allied side, but I still am only seeing objectives on your side besides the one on the edge. At any rate I am sure it will be an entertaining fight to read with the morning cup of joe.

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Maybe, but's my opinion. This is the first DAR where i can see, that BOTH sides know what they are doing. Watching chess between a master and a novice will never be as interesting and thrilling as between two masters.

I'd say this is more like a Chess Grandmaster trying to play against the aforementioned Viking Berserker. First thing to happen is that the chess table gets kicked out of the way, pieces flying. Then the axe is introduced.

This is Combat Mission with prison rules.

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