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AXIS - CMBN-Market Garden - BETA AAR

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Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.

Sun Tzu

We have received the green light and there will be at least a couple AARs to show off the new Market Garden module content.

In this one, I will be playing against the dastardly c3k... yes you heard me right, Ken finally agreed to face me on the field of battle. To ease force creation we decided to do a Meeting Engagement Quick Battle. There will be another AAR where I will be on the defense as the Allies defending against a German attack from pnzrldr (who just happens to be a US Army armor officer)... watch for that one, coming your way soon and expect to see a lot of MOUT action. We are hoping to do a third AAR for you guys as well. this one will be put together by a couple of new faces and will be a set piece scenario... more on the second and third AARs as they develop.

The intent of this particular battle is to show off some of the new units in this module. In the following image I have laid out my Order of Battle.

Note that KG Schüte is a company (+) force, comprising:

• The complete 9th PzG Company

in support:

• The 1st PzG Plt. from 10th company

• 4th Pz Platoon comprising two sections each with a Panther and a Jpz-IV/70

• 2nd AA Platoon - this adhoc formation has the following vehicles: Wirbelwind, Möbelwagen, SPW 251/21, and a ZKW 8t (20mm)

Seeing as this is an ME I wanted to stay mobile, thus went for a complete mounted PzG Company. I would rather have mobility over the number of rifles.. expect to also see the 251/17 as the mount of a few PzG Platoon leaders.


Finally here is an overview of the map, objectives, and the start positions. So stay tuned, this should be a fun one! I am in the process of doing my initial setup, analysis, and orders.


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Baneman, he also has a set of objectives for intersections on his side of the map. I messed up when setting this map up for QB.. I actually meant the intersection objectives to be set in the enemy zone to force us to move into enemy territory. Oops ;)

The Town Center objective on my side of the map is also an errant mouse click (read error).. so I will avoid that so Ken doesn't have to fight all the way to my edge of the map to get credit for the town if he can secure it.


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Bil, Didn't you read the intelligence report that your forces are facing Stens and stilettos and "pixie dust"? :D Might be a the strategic location that includes "bar, whiskey, cigars, with women" :) I'd be careful in this one when things get close because it is going to get really hot! How hot? Just ask mjkerner ;)

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Okay this is the start of the AAR.. Ken is a much more entertaining writer than I am I'm sure.. so while you will no doubt enjoy his prose, my writings will be as direct and explanatory as ever. ;)

An army is a team. It lives, eats, sleeps, fights as a team. This individuality stuff is a bunch of bull$hit.


This map shows my initial Enemy Course of Action Analysis... the Enemy Avenues of Approach (EAA) are laid out.. also my initial moves.

Note that the recon team on the left once in position should have a good view of EAA 1, which c3k could use to try to catch my force in the rear as it moves towards the main objective. Likewise, if he doesn't maneuver down this approach then I could use it against his force.

Also note the HMG team moving towards the windmill.. from that position I should have eyes on EAA 2 and EAA 3.

The 1 Plt/10 Ko. unit (only one halftrack moving right now) is rushing forwards to get as close to the town as possible... c3k's force starts closer to the town than mine does, so I thought this was necessary so I get some influence on that part of the field quickly.


1 Plt/10 Ko. is farthest forward and spots a couple enemy teams moving toward a small farm (visible soldiers have Stens).. I'm happy to see these guys are on foot. If that means Ken bought mainly a unit without transport then that will make me very happy as his units will be very slow to react and deploy. Way too early to tell about that though.

I have no doubt that he has spotted my moving halftrack as well.


This image shows my HMG team rushing towards the windmill.. this is a very obvious OP, but it is the highest point on the map and I am determined to get some eyes into it. They will climb to the top floor and should have visibility over most of c3k's side of the field. Hopefully they won't be seen making this movement.


Current plan right now is to place one AA vehicle with each maneuver platoon.. in the Wirbelwind's case it is placed forward with 1 Plt/10 Ko. to provide fire support as required.

The others are sitting in the rear and will deploy when the other platoons start moving.


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Yes this should be another great AAR. Delightful selection of vehicles. Great way to demonstrate the vehicles that will be in CMBN-Market Garden. Movie mode is fine. Yes. Stens but you got to get close to see Ken's stilettos :)

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But Bill, why a HMG team in that windmill, you only need there eyes, right? And they will probably attract heavy fire in no time when they open up and probably even sooner. I mean, a scout team would do too.

I love that movie mode. Would like to get it for CMBN too. Is that even possible btw?

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