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Free French UK Decision

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It looks like a mistake to me. Mpp turns line: should'nt it be 4 turns instead of 6 ?

; This decision event only triggers if DE 602=1


#NAME= DE 100 - UK: Response To The Formation Of Vichy France? (AI - 80% Yes)

#POPUP= Office Of The British Foreign Secretary %NLord Halifax %N%NFrance has fallen and their Government has surrendered. A new Government which acknowledges the German conquest has been formed at Vichy and we have been asked to recognize this new Government. %N%NNot recognising the Vichy Government could have serious consequences, particularly as it controls most of the surviving French fleet and there is a possibility that it could fall into German hands. However, not all French soldiers have given up the fight and some, led by General de Gaulle, intend to continue the struggle from exile. %N%NDo we support de Gaulle's efforts at a cost of 200 MPPs (at 50 MPPs a turn for 4 turns) to form Free French armed forces in a continued struggle against Germany (YES) or do we say (NO) and recognize Vichy France?


#SOUND= teletype_1.wav, teletype_2.wav

#FLAG= 1

#TYPE= 0

#AI= 0


;Set global variable condition to always trigger (dummy value)

#GV= 1[1,100]

;Set link value to DE 602=1

#LINK= 602[1]




; Set decision value




6 turns X 50mpp = 300 mpp not 200, way too much for these FF boy scouts!

Btw, patch 1.02 around the corner? :)

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