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21 January 1900
The Second Contingent (No 3 Company and No 4 Company) sails from Wellington for South Africa in the SS WAIWERA. The contingent includes a Hotchkiss detachment.
Mounted troops of the Second Contingent at Island Bay in Wellington, 18 January 1900. Raised in response to defeats suffered by British forces in December 1899, New Zealand's Second Contingent trained at Newtown Park before departing for South Africa on 20 January 1900.
21 January 1901
South African War - The 1st Contingent is disbanded.

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23 January 1916
Egypt – the 1st Battalion, 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade attacks Ottoman positions near Mersa Matruh. The Battalion suffers 33 casualties.
23 January 1916
Egypt - The New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade leaves Zeitoun Camp for the Suez Canal.
23 January 1943
Tripolitania – New Zealanders are included in the part of the Eighth Army that enters the city of Tripoli, Libya, exactly three months after the start of the battle of El Alamein, during which time the Eighth Army had advanced 2,253 kilometres.
23 January 1946
New Zealand – 28 (Maori) Battalion disembarks in Wellington and is disbanded.

(I grew up in Porirua)

23 January 1956
Malaya – the specially raised 133-man New Zealand Special Air Service Squadron commences active service operations in Malaysia. It had been formed the previous year and was attached to the British 22nd Special Air Service Regiment as part of the Commonwealth Strategic Reserve for the Malayan Emergency.
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26 January 1914
New Zealand - HMS CHATHAM arrives. After extensive service during WWI, it will become the first Flagship for the New Zealand Division of the Royal Navy in 1920.

26 January 1940
New Zealand - 28 (Maori) Battalion assembles in Palmerston North.
(note the distinct lack of Maori officers)

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29 January 1942
United States – in Washington D.C. the Combined Chiefs of Staff establish the ANZAC area as that covering the ocean expanses surrounding Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia.
29 January 1943
South Pacific - HMNZ Ships KIWI and MOA sink the Japanese submarine I-1 off the coast of Guadalcanal.
29 January 1951
South Korea – 16th Field Regiment, RNZA, part of the 27 British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade, fires the first of more than 750,000 rounds fired during the Korean War.
29 January 1977
New Zealand - The Women's Armed Services are disbanded, and women begin to be integrated into the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

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30 January 1901
New Zealand - The Sixth Contingent sails from Auckland for service in the South African War on the CORNWALL. It comprises No.s 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 Companies.
30 January 1944
Papua New Guinea – on the night of 30/31 January 1944 a raiding force lands on Nissan Island to conduct detailed reconnaissance over a period of 24 hours. The force is made up of 30 Battalion who provide protection for US specialist officers, and is withdrawn on the following night after suffering 4 KIA and several wounded. The island is invaded in force two weeks later.

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03 February 1915
Suez Canal - New Zealanders see their first combat of the First World War when they help repulse a Turkish attack across the Suez Canal south of Ismailia. Private William Ham from Motueka dies of his wounds the next day, the first New Zealander to die in action in the war.
03 February 1944
Italy – the New Zealand Corps comes into being as part of the Fifth Army. Under command of Lieutenant General Freyberg it comprised 2 New Zealand Division and 4 Indian Division, joined later by 78 British Division.
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11 February 1864
Charles Heaphy, of the Auckland Militia, earns the Victoria Cross at the Mangapiko River during a skirmish with local Maori in which he is wounded by gunfire but continues to aid the wounded.

11 February 1872
The final engagement of the New Zealand Wars takes place at Mangaone, south of Waikaremoana on the east coast of the North Island.

11 February 1968
161 Battery RNZA relieves 106 Battery Royal Australian Artillery at Fire Support Base Harrison in Vietnam.

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12 February 1920
Fiji - The New Zealand force, under the command of Major Puttick, reaches Suva, Fiji. The force was sent to support the Governor of Fiji during an outbreak of violence.

12 February 1940
Egypt – the main body of the First Echelon of 2 New Zealand Expeditionary Force arrives in Egypt.

12 February 1942
Fiji - The ANZAC Squadron assembles at Suva. The squadron includes HMNZ Ships ACHILLES, LEANDER, MONOWAI, HMAS AUSTRALIA, and the US Ships LANSON, CHICAGO and PERKINS.
12 February 1944
Italy – the New Zealand Corps relieves the 2nd United States Army Corps at Cassino. After the destruction of the famous monastery on 15 February, the New Zealand Corps wages an intense offensive to capture the town and monastery but by 23 March had to give up the attempt.

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17 February 1900
New Zealand - The Third Contingent "The NZ Roughriders", comprising 12 officers and 252 men, sails with their 279 horses from Lyttelton aboard the SS KNIGHT TEMPLAR bound for South Africa.
17 February 1918
Palestine – the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade occupies Bethlehem.
17 February 1943
South Pacific - 'T' Force departs for Tonga in HMNZS MONOWAI.
17 February 1944
Italy - 28 (Maori) Battalion crosses the Rapido River south of Cassino and captures the railway station. They are forced to withdraw the following day as the Germans counter attack.
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23 February 1940
New Zealand - The HMS ACHILLES is welcomed home to New Zealand following the Battle of River Plate in 1939. The ship's company marches up Queen St to a reception at the Town Hall. The city packed with well-wishers.
23 February 1942
Egypt – advance elements of the New Zealand Division started deploying to Syria. The Division is attached to the British 9th Army and occupies positions in northern Syria until June 1942.
23 February 2007
Lebanon – the 10-strong New Zealand Explosive Remnants of War Disposal Team begin working to clear unexploded ordnance six kilometres east of Tyre. Four different types of cluster munitions are dealt with.
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23 March 1918
Palestine – whilst under fire, the first New Zealanders cross the Jordan river at 0400 hours.

23 March 1944
Italy - NZ Corps' attempt to capture Cassino is abandoned.

23 March 1944
Pacific - 25 and 30 Dive Bomber Squadron RNZAF arrive at Piva, Bougainville, with their main effort to be directed against Rabaul.


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This day in History: March 28, 2015, New Zealand will play Australia for the Cricket World Cup. Aussies are 2 to 1 favorite playing in Melbourne. Excellent bowlers are NZ. Good luck!

Great getting there, sorry to hear they lost.  Some day I might actually figure that game out.

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04 May 1885
Wellington - Cabinet agrees to “sanction the expense of 1000 well-trained men, one fourth to be Maori, for active service in Afghanistan ….”. The offer of New Zealand troops is never taken up by the Imperial Government in London.

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