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Is this all coming out in one mammoth Bulge modpack?

<snicker> You guys both said "bulge".

Broadsword, I'm going to upload the greatcoat (winterized/nonwinterized) mods in a day or two. I want to make sure a minor problem I had has been resolved. Then I will get to those Brit Paras-as-Fallschirmjaeger mortars for you.

Kohlenklau, show a pic of the US in winter, would you? And if you zoom in a bit, they will look a little less like isotoners and a little more like wool.

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something is wrong with the airborne greatcoats.

I am seeing cartridge belts in weird places and it is NOT the beer, yet...

I have 2 Bulge '44 mod folders, one is the big later one where the raccoon was kicking around the trash can.

The smaller one is just the initial stuff with gloves added. It seems to work.

Of course, I delete one and only use 1 at a time in the mod folder.

Have you checked it out yet?

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Is it the folder in the "No Snow" Greatcoats or the Winter Camo folder? It shouldn't make any difference, because one is a copy of the other...the one you sent me. I did try to add snow camo-greatcoats to the airborne, but they weren't showing up properly, so I nixed it, and figured I'd put the "normal" ones from you in the winter folder anyway, since they'll still get the gloves and helmets (if you simply wanted to plop that master folder in your game. Anyway, we should probably take this offline at this point since we'll likely be swapping boring info back and forth until the problem is ironed out.

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