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Two Terrain ideas for discussion!

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What do people think of these two suggestions. I think they might be able to be incorporated as little more than mod changes and there may even be modellers on here who could do them.

I got the idea for both when I spent three weeks in the Dordogne in July!


Basically this would be a change to the removal of a buildings wall so that instead of being totally removed you would leave a pillar or column at each corner and one or more in the middle of the wall ( depending on the size of the building).

The effects would be these; in large internal spaces there would be a network of pillars adding character but more importantly buildings with an external wall removed you could create open sided barns or farm buildings. Believe me across France these often lean to open barns or open need one are everywhere. Another feature even in the centre of village for markets are open buildings where the roof is supported by pillars and there are no full walls. Again these supported roofs are very common on farms.

Doing this would I think, by just tweaking the wall graphic, allow map makers to add a lot of new character and flavour for not a lot of effort.

One drawback is that as walls don't have any thickness the pillars themselves unlike walls or flavour objects would be two dimensional. Perhaps more problematically a graphic tweak would make them effectively invisible from the point of view of line of site and weapons fire.


A base is a building without a building. As most people know building cancel normal slopes to create a level base so that a slope will be cut abruptly when it meets a building square. Bases would allow map makers to create levelled spaces like driveways gardens or terraces than were level. Again in villages in France you often see cur rungs a ground that has been levelled in fram yards etc.

A problem I have had in the past is trying to create villages on slopes where the buildings step properly but the roads and gardens don't look right. Being able to selectively level the ground could help deal with the way buildings often don't quite fit naturally on sloping ground.

I've never been to Holland although I did spend a night on my way home in Graveline which is a fortified town with canals and it has lots of areas around the canals that are levelled grass against the natural slope of the ground.

That's one of the reasons I like the idea of a base, a building square without a building, I think they would come into their own with Market Garden.

What do people think?


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It's quite possible the new ditchlock feature will help with creating a terraced effect.

According to JonS:

New in the Market Garden module is so-called ‘Ditch Lock’ for elevations, which can be used to create narrow ditches, small berms and dikes. This is a way to make a narrow ditch rather than a wide "trough" even though the depth is the same. It can also be used to force abrupt and steep changes of elevation – while learning how to use this new feature I created Castle Ditchlock, complete with curtain walls and turrets just for giggles. Ditch-locking is perfect for creating the vertical walls I want through the rail underpass.

To use Ditch Lock, hold down the CTRL key when directly placing elevation markers. The elevation number will show up on a blue (rather than black) background square. The effect created in the 3D map is a slope between set elevation tiles that is much sharper than between two black elevations.

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