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Uber Bazookas?

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Moral to you story is: Don't buy silly uber tanks like JadgTigers or JadgPanthers. :eek:

Buy cheaper JadgPzIVs &, especially JadgPzIV/70s. These TDs are nearly just as effective as those giant point wasting uber tanks, and you get more of them. :rolleyes:

Just keep these tanks' fronts aimed toward any potential enemy threats. Also, do not get within 200 meters of any covering terrain that might contain any enemy infantry AT teams. tongue.gif

Cheers, Richard smile.gif

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Hey I wasn't complaining, just trying to figure out how it was possible. Besides my other Jadgtiger took out two Perishings.

I do prefer the weaker Tanks but I find even Panthers and Jadgpanzers quite vulnerable later in the war when 76mm allied guns are common.

I like the game because it can be unpredictable; I once played a game where I had two Tigers knocked out without a kill and a MarderII saved the day. :eek:

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