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Buy'em or ask HQ ???

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One of the things that has bothered me about SP and other games is the "BUDGET" idea of buying tanks and equipment, sometimes based on how well you did in a previous scenario.

My idea is to forgo all this (except for scenario building) and add a new concept, asking HQ for reinforcements ...

So rather than spending points and "shop around" you just ask HQ for reinforcements. Depending on the situation you're in you'll get anything HQ can provide. You might ask for tigers and have a small chance to get them. You'll probably get PzIV's instead or Marders ... If you're unlucky a few infantrymen with AT mines ...

My belief is : Computer Wargames need to be divorced of their tabletop counterparts !!! Nothing wrong with tabletop games, but computers offer so much more !

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Guest Big Time Software

We couldn't agree more. In fact, this is exactly what we had planned for our campaign system. However, it became problematic in terms of implementing it, so we have put it on the back burner. We can't get EVERYTHING we want in the first release wink.gif

What Campaigns have, instead, are reinforcements based on the designer's spefications. So you don't buy units, but you don't get to request them either. As the player you have no control over this. Something either shows up, or it doesn't.

During a scenario reinforcements can come in at variable times. The variable is determined by the designer. So that Tiger could come in on Turn 10 or Turn 20. So even if you know a Tiger is on the way (if you have played before, and received the Tiger, or peeked in the editor you will know) you can not be assured that it will come in at a predesignated turn. Well, unless the designer makes it that way wink.gif


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