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A temple for Mars ***SPOILERS***

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I played this scenario as Axis vs AI and I must say it was one of the most lopsided victories ever. To the point that I wonder if the scenario was designed prior to the updated MG. Since there are so many Axis MG units it makes sense.

After the initial US barrage I suffered no casualties and the poor US troops barely got any shots off before being mowed down. I know the fighting around Monte Cassino was brutal, but not to this point.

I played Elite and had 12 KIA and 7 WIA, while US got 263 KIA and 165 WIA. :eek:

Also, I had anticipated some kind of attack on Monte Calvario, but after reviewing the map at the end, there was a large group of units that seem not to have moved at all. Strange AI-plan indeed.

Apart from that - great blizzard and wind conditions in this one :)

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I agree that AI plan is probably not the most challenging. It was intended to create a second AI plan with the focus on Monte Calvario but there wasn't enough time to implement that AI plan before the game was locked down for release so all you got was the one that was there. Monte Calvario isn't an American objective, so while the AI plan may have seemed strange from the German perspective it will perhaps make more sense if you load it up as the American side. In terms of points, the victory conditions are also slightly asymetric to account for the difficulties of attacking the monastery so it wouldn't surprise me if you didn't get a Total Victory with your points in spite of how many Americans you killed.

Yes, all the American troops moved, but the ones you saw 'camping' were there for flank security and since the AI isn't reactive there is no way for the AI to know that the main assault has already been defeated or if the German player gets the itch to counterattack.

So, sorry for the disappointing battle. The OB for each side was almost accurate to the man and the Germans did actually mow down a lot of attacking Americans if you read the designer's notes - although doubtless the real attack would have been called off long before the casualties in game had been reached. Perhaps some of the other scenarios will prove to be more challenging for you. We'll try harder next time. ;)

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One supposes that's the reason why no one has attempted a Rapido River scenario. Unless watching American soldiers mowed down in hecatombs, Omaha Beach-style, exerts some kind of macabre attraction. There should have been court-martials in that one.

WIKI: The Rapido was the site of a bloodily repulsed and ill-conceived assault by the U.S. 36th Infantry Division, led by General Walker from January 20–22, 1944 when the Allies were attempting to establish a bridgehead in the vicinity of the town of Sant' Angelo, to launch attacks on the Gustav Line near Monte Cassino.

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I played it as the Americans and although I won, it gave a great feel of everything I have read about that campaign. The counterattack by the Germans against a weakened platoon on the first objective was a bit of a shock (even though you are warned) and I felt the desperation to hang on. I thought it was a great scenario playing as the Americans.

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