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shell production

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it gives them max # of shells

So lets say you have tech 3 in shell production. It means the artillery should fire 3 times in 1 turn. But each unit does have a MAX # of shells despite technology. So there are two limiting factors, one for the unit, and one for the tech.

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Hi Lofty,

Just to add, under normal circumstances, let's say an Artillery unit has a minimum shell value of 1 and a maximum shell value of 3.

Units that have "shells" normally collect 1 shell per turn so if you started with 1 shell, did not fire on your turn, then on the next turn you will have 2 shells.

If you fired, you would be at 0 shells and on the next turn, the minimum value requires you to automatically be at 1 shell for the next turn.

Shell Production tech increases your minimum per turn so if you let's say acquired Shell Production Tech Level-1 then your new minimum is 2 shells.

So in this case, you fire off 2 shells on your turn, on your next turn you are now automatically at 2 shells again.

If however you didn't fire off any shells and started at 2 shells, then on the next turn you would be at 2 + 1 shell = 3 shells total.

Hope this helps,


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