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I take from what I have read about artillery spotters in towers that different building levels will be portrayed in CM. If this is correct can a US squad on the 2nd floor engage an SS squad on the 1st floor? Will PAK 40s,US 3in and 17pdrs be able to occupy the ground floor? Can tanks crash through buildings a la "A Bridge Too Far" ? If this is covered somewhere else my apologies, I didnt see it. :)

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Guest Big Time Software

All this stuff was covered a *long* time ago, but we forgot to put it into the FAQ, so here it is again smile.gif

There is multistory combat in CM. So yes, two opposing squads can duke it out on different floors. Also, when something like an HMG is on the 2nd floor it won't be able to shoot downstairs or imediately under the window. A big failing of some games is treating the HMGs as if they were a light hand held weapon that could be pointed directly downwards. Not so...

ATs can be put inside buildings, but only ruined ones. This is realistic. Tanks can do this as well, but they will be hit with a MASSIVE time delay to get themselves out, and a decent chance of throwing a track.

Tanks can crash into buildings, and cause damage, but can not drive through them. Hollywood and unrealistic games might have tanks driving through buildings (not shacks like in Russia!) and trees, but that is total nonsense. The chances of the tank getting stuck were a near certainty, it had to be done slowly (i.e. AT fodder!), generally multple runs at the building were needed, and it would fall into the basement if there was one.

In fact, my tank driver's training manual (dated 1946) makes NO mention of driving in rubble, yet it discusses every other type of terrain and obsticle (including snow, ice, slippery hills, streams, tree stumps, etc). So the omission here is important to note. One look at the section concerning driving through heavy brush shows why it isn't covered... it is too dangerous. Even light brush (saplings and bushes) could cause the tank to throw a track or otherwise get tangled. (BTW, you aren't supposed to backup while beating a trail because of the danger of backing unto felled treeds, thus causing a track to be thrown. We are thinking of simulating this too smile.gif)

Hope that answers your questions!


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Guest John Maragoudakis

This winter I was parked in my Jeep Cherokee and saw a liitle mound of snow in front of me about about a foot and a half high. I thought to myself..no problem, I've got a Jeep. There was another 4x4 nearby and since I was feeling a bit GI Joe ish, I thought I'd let him see what a Jeep could do. The snow turned out to be rock solid ice covered by snow. The front of the Jeep went over no prob but I heard a grinding sound as the ice scraped the underneath of the front mid section.No damage but I got down on my knees in the snow looking and praying that I hadn't bent anything. Sometimes we think vehicles can do anything, but even tanks must have thier limits.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>In fact, my tank driver's training manual (dated 1946) makes NO mention of driving in rubble <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

My readings on US procedure for driving tanks in rubble seems to be something like this:

1) Drop several tonnes of HE on town

2) Turn town into rubble

3) Send in infantry to clear out survivors

4) Wait

5) Send in bulldozers

6) Drive tanks through cleared streets

You seem more-or-less on track with this...


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