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Just Uploaded a New Mission for T-72 BOF to the Repository

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This mission will be available for download from the Battlefront.com Repository as soon as the administrators approve and post it.

This is a new mission for the T-72 tank set in the level 10 Column mission environment. Your task in this mission involves destroying an enemy check point, and supporting allied armored and infantry forces in repelling an enemy counter attack.

The cache file is: CheckPoint t72.ca

The script file is: checkpnt.pd

Intell reports that enemy forces have managed to infiltrate two tanks and an infantry squad into allied territory and have dug in and set up a roadway check point near an important road junction.

The mission for your T-72 tank and crew is to sneak up on the enemy forces dug in at this check point and destroy them, or drive them out before they have an opportunity to destroy any of our supply convoys or reinforcements heading to the front. Once finished with the enemy forces at the check point, provide overwatch for helicopter borne troops as they are airlifted to the check point where they will take up defensive positions in the trenches left by the enemy forces. Then support an allied armored and infantry force in repelling an expected enemy armored counter attack.

The enemy forces consist two elements. A small Operational Maneuver Group consisting of 2 Leopard 1A4 tanks and an infantry squad, and an armored cavalry force hidden nearby consisting of 2 Leopard 1A4 tanks and 2 Shturm-S cavalry fighting vehicles.

Allied forces consist of multiple elements. A maneuver element consisting of 3 T-72 tanks, a maneuver element consisting of an RPG tank hunter infantry squad, a helicopter air assault infantry squad, and an Mi-8 helicopter. All elements are under orders to not move out until after the enemy forces at the check point are destroyed.

The weather conditions for this mission are poor with rain and fog throughout the area. This means that your crew will need to rely heavily on your thermal sights to see enemy forces before they see you. Good luck and enjoy!

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You're welcome Dragonfire! I had a breakthrough when producing this one. This is the first mission where I successfully got an infantry squad to board a helicopter, and then have the chopper drop off the squad and have the two units complete their individual tasks after the drop. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one.

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