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Finland seems to be an easy target

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Played 2 games with one as axis and one as allies albeit not to the end in HvsH and noticed that it is hard to take and if taken hold Viipuri as the Fins. If Finland can not hold Viipuri the long-term prospects are certain that they will fall in 42 or 43. Russian bombers/fighters in the early stage have nothing better to do than stay in this area and with the help of the navy can continue to beat the Fins back and come 42' with heavy tanks there is nothing really they can do.

Also would be nice to have this front enlarged slightly to allow units to move north of Lake Saimaa (not sure if this is correct) to allow more movement.

Another help for later in the war would be perhaps an anti-tank.

What's everyone else's opinion on Finland in AOC?

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Oddly, the AI defended Petrozavodsk with about 5 units sent in by rail when I threatened it in 1941, only to pull out all but one division the very next turn. Eventually I was able to defeat the one division and take the city and push south. One army hung around the area later but the Finns destroyed it; their experience is beastly.

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Defending and attack in the Finnish area north of Leningrad is balanced for player vs player but yes the A.I. can't defend like a person.

The alternative is to put an engineer up there and build forts or cheat for it. Its a very delicate defense that if done right the other team can't get across.... if they are human.

Let me think about this.

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Steel32's suggestion of giving the Finn's Anti-Tank unit(s) is a good idea. Historically the German's sent Finland modern anti-tank weaponry after the Finnish were driven back to the same defensive positions held at the conclusion of the Winter War. This anti-tank weaponry helped the Finns's repel the Russian offensive. This weaponry was delivered with the agreement that Finland would not make it's own peace offering. President Risto Ryti of Finland accepted this agreement that would last until at least the end of his presidency (which was August 1944)

It would make an interesting decision event for the German's to send this equipment to Finland should the Russians be on the offensive against Finland, otherwise it would be deployed on the Eastern Front for use against Russia.

Furthermore, if the Finnish do not receive the equipment and are overrun by the Russians they should make a peace offering if Helsinki is threatened (condition: Kotka and Kouvola are both captured). Alternatively, if they do receive the equipment then the Finnish should fight on until August 1944 unless of course they surrender from their capital being captured.

My personal preference would be to see 2 anti-tank units deployed via this decision event as it may be enough defense to actually repel some tank attacks.

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