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Patch changes list?

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Allied warships have the ABILITY to CHOSE to raid convoy lanes or not. However, it does not seem to make any difference whatsoever when it comes to the convoy lane that passes close to Norway en route to the Baltic. If the Allied player CHOSES to raid this convoy lane then it is eminently reasonable to have the Norwegians be irritated by this. However, the Norwegians recently proclaimed their irritation at the presence of an Allied warship that was well outside their territorial waters and NOT raiding. It happened to be adjacent to the convoy route, but I had – quite deliberately – CHOSEN not to raid. Nonetheless the Norwegians moved 17% closer to joining the Axis (went from 10% to 27% in one turn). I had ALSO placed the French submarine so that it was not adjacent to the convoy lane – although it very well could have been placed adjacent.

This is irritating, especially as this problem has been raised before. There is currently no way that Allied warships can operate close to Norway at all without raising the possibility of forcing Norway into the Axis camp inadvertently. This is patently ridiculous.

If the Allied player CHOSES to raid the convoy route then there should certainly be the possibility of negative consequences. But when the Allied player deliberately CHOSES NOT to raid it is ridiculous that the Norwegian's react. I also checked the graphs to confirm that no damage had been done to German convoys (which, of course, there had not been).

The Allies should have the ability to operate in the open ocean (at least one square from Norway) without the possibility of irritating the Norwegians. The current situation is simply wrong.

I can forward the save game files for my turns (I am currently in a PBEM game, so my opponent's files are his to decide what to do with).

Hi Ludi,

This is just an oversight on our end and will be fixed for the first patch, thanks :)


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Not sure if by design or glitch but this war you are capable of moving through the straits around Singapore if not owned by your side, unlike previous version.

One other issue I see as a changer for China is that if you take almost your entire land army as Japan and march around the mountains straight to south and attack Nanning, then Kweilin, Changsa, you can easily flank the Chinese. Perhaps a little more of movement of Chinese AI to attack in this area before Japanese are in strength could affect this. Once the fortifications are flanked, cities taken, fortifications are useless. Kweiyang can also be easily taken with a special force, and corp through the mountains as the Chinese will only defend with a garrison.

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