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Arrow unit base mod

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I just updated the mod to include all the alternate shapes I experimented with such as pentagon. Also, I included two more arrow styles that are extra thick bright, and faded. The latest is up at GaJ's, and should be up at repository soon.

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Thanks Vin! I never missed a base mod until I installed yours. Could never go back playing without it. It looks good and first of all it is very handy especially in larger battles. With your mod important info on the facing of units is instantly visible without the need to go closer and check everything out.

Summary: Again a small but highly effective mod as all of your mods are. Can't play without your animated text info. Also just a minor modification of the game but highly effective....

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I am glad the mod has been helpful. I know it is a bit hard to find at the repository at the moment. When I re-uploaded to add the alternates that didn’t make it into the default arrow options the title got messed up somehow from “Vin arrow bases” to just “Vin”. I’m not sure what went wrong. It is easier to find at Gaj’s site as the proper title was maintained when re-uploading there. I suppose to make sure the title is fixed in the repository I shall have to delete it all together, and re-upload once again.


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