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3D Card issues and driver conflicts

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Ok, A little more technical question-

I have a Diamond Viper V770 that CM does not appear to be using (the game runs just quickly on this machine as it does on my other one which does not have a 3d card)... I know for most games you have set them to use the V770's D3d, is there any way to do that with CM?

Just wondering, I wasted too much money on this card (CM is the only 3d game I play), I'd like to get at least a little benefit from it


oh, fyi BTS, my friend has a new Gateway (don't have the specs, I'll try to get them, but I know it has a Voodoo3), I downloaded the game on his computer, but it crashes as soon as the game enters 3d mode. I assume its a driver conflict of some kind, If you want I can get the driver versions for you (I don't have them on hand)

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