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New Scenario: Assault on Base 46

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I am almost done with this semi-historical scenario that is set during the Syrian Civil War and that depicts the final phase of a battle that took place on 18th and 19th November 2012 between the FSAs Al-Tawhid Brigade + Mujahideen and elements of the SAAs 46th Special Forces Regiment.

Here is some text based background info:



Some satelite images of the IRL location:



A video of rebels driving through the IRL Base only a few hours after the battle. There are still some fires burning:

I tried to be as accurate as it seemed useful to me. I had to scale down the whole battle by ~50% (map and forces) in order to fit it into a CM scale engagement. The real life Base 46 is huge, it covers an area of 12 km² (and in order to have a playable battle you would need some of the surrounding areas too wich would lead to a map sized like 4x4km or even bigger).

Anyways, here is the map area IRL (ignore the red dots and the numbers):


and my interpretation of it:


It is probably going to be playable both vs AI.

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Making a good campaign is a LOT of work, Erwin, i am not sure if i want to do that. Besides that i would also want to gain some more experience at making scenarios before i start such a large project, this one is only my third try.

BTW; you can follow the progress i am making with this scenario over at the few good men forums, i am going to post regular updates there:


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Looking great! :)


Anyone wants to play this H2H? Contact me at schmolywar@gmail.com

Initially this scenario wasnt supposed for H2H play (i personally also have never played H2H) but because you showed interest and i think it might work H2H i tried to make a version that is better balanced or that type of play. I havent uploaded it to the Repository yet, but if you want to give it a try, i will send you the file to the email adress you provided. If you wanto to, you can play vs. me, but if you want a more experienced opponent, you will need to look for sombody else.

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Well, i am glad you like it, black_prince and CrackSabbath.

I recently decided to split the scenario into two slightly different versions: one to be played Red vs. AI and one optimized for H2H. The H2H version could still need some testing in order to fine tune balancing, so if anyone wants to test it, i would apreciate that.

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Alright, finished this with me as the defender getting a minor victory. We agreed on a ceasefire with both sides exhausted.

Nicely balanced scenario for H2H and a very interesting mix of limitations to overcome. I do suspect some will be caught off guard when defending as the SAA.

Id love to hear others opinion of this one.

Hope to see more agusto!

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