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Axis Spain Strategy & DE 503

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I was reading the manual's list of decision events & came across an interesting event #DE 503:

If Axis don't create Vichy & then fights it out until French surrender, they have the option of allying with Spain for 800 MP assuming Spain is still pro-axis at the time (there are other rules that have to occur but will surely be in place at the time of event firing).

Additionally, Spain gets a tank unit & an army with this event. Allied Free France has a higher probability of getting more units. Several smaller countries like Syria & West Africa will likely join the allies.

This pathway seems like a potentially better choice as Axis than spending mucho MPs on diplomacy if you want to get Spain into the Axis.

Of course the 800 MPs is probably similar to what would have to be spent on diplomacy to get Spain into the Axis but this is sure-thing event & your German troops will get to build up experience beating up on the weaker French units.

Anyone ever tried this pathway or have any thoughts on using it versus spending the MPs on diplomacy to get Spain into the Axis (assuming you are targeting getting Spain into the Axis)?

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apologies for the slight sidetrack

as someone new to the game - what do you have to do to beat the french if you don't take the Vichy decision

In the manual, decision event 502 states that the following occurs if you fail to create Vichy:

France continues to fight, with Algiers becoming her capital while she receives units in Algeria, French Polynesia, Noumea, and air units (a tactical bomber and a strategic bomber) manufactured in the USA. Free French units may also arrive at a higher percentage chance. Syria, French West Africa, French Equatorial Africa and French Polynesia will all swing 80-89% towards the Allies if Germany forces the surrender of France from Algiers. Once Algiers falls to the Axis, Germany is presented with DE 503.

Decision Event 503 is then where the choice to bring Spain into the Axis comes into play.

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taking out the French can be very time consuming and difficult when you choose this option.

I agree but it's a noteworthy strategy in case the French player does something like pulling its units out of Africa.

I guess I enjoy the fact that there's a counter to France loading up units as speedblocks against the German invasion of France proper. These choices are what makes the game interesting to me.

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