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New file at the Repository: Vin geometric FOW icons CMBN (2013-06-13)

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Vin geometric FoW icons - This set includes all CM nations.Thanks, and credit to the original modders Wolfe, Juju, and Bil (engineer symbol) from whose mods I used as a base to make this. For my part I did the necessary color changes, and made the geometric FOW icons. I think many will find this to be practical, and useful in reading the enemy contacts especially when many FOW icons are present. This mod has two unique features: Geometric FOW icons, and a 2-color code system per side. Geometric FOW icons –Advantages:*Makes FOW icons smaller by losing the “?” which is no longer necessary.*Gives each FOW icon it’s own unique shape to make them more distinct. 2 Color coding system per side that incorporates colors from CMSF, and CMBN for function -Axis - (red = spotted, grey = FOW) - default Allied - (blue = spotted, green = FOW) - defaultAdvantages:*Allows much greater visual distinction of SPOTTED enemy contacts from FOW enemy contacts.*Spotted icons pop out from the FOW icons giving the player a more organized view of the enemy situation. One will see through eye directing that they concentrate easier on what is spotted from a sea of FOW icons. Player’s will notice the spotted icons stand out while FOW icons become more unnoticeable unless you want to notice them. USING ALTERNATE TAN FoW icons -The mod has two folders. One is the default with color combinations described above, and the other is an alternate folder, which contains neutra...


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