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It was specifically said in the AoC forum there wasn't going to be any kind of compilation pack. Thanks for penalizing the people who were early adopters of AoC. I bought it right off the bat. Now I'm going to pay $10 more for both if I want AoD? This is wrong.

You shouldn't have had the pack after saying you weren't going to. It's a big **** YOU to your customers who were loyal and bought AoC right away when it came out.

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Hi Panzer General,

Sorry to hear this and I can only find this thread where the question was asked if there would be any packages for AoC that included GOLD:


The only other thread I can find is if there would be an AoD bundle with the Global base game and the answer in that thread was that there were no plans for that either:


However I can see how that answer might have been misinterpreted as that there would be no bundles of the AoC/AoD expansions together, but it really was intended to mean that there would be no base game + AoC or AoD bundles planned... honest.

I can say that as this was something we discussed on our end, i.e. whether or not this would be a possibility, as only this question had come up, and the idea to bundle the two new expansions together was only an idea that was discussed (on our end) just this past Thursday.

If there is another thread I've missed please do direct it towards me because I really don't remember the discussion of the two expansions being bundled together and if so then you have my apologies.


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- I can understand how Panzer General feels :( though I don't remember a thread or post about an AoC-AoD only bundle either.

- Usually there is always some kind of bundle deal coming with new SC games/expansions (eh I got the SCII-Gold and SCI-Break like that ^^).

- Since the threads linked by Hubert above ruled out a bundle including SCII-Gold for AoC/AoD, an AoC+AoD bundle was quite probable as there was already a SCII-Gold Bundle.

- And as we got to play AoC before those going for the bundle it was somehow fair to pay more for AoC (25$ instead of 20$).

- Still, I hoped for some kind of bargain on AoD alone for those already having AoC (something like 20$ instead of 25$).

- Well, who knows, maybe Battlefront will be kind enough to give us some kind of coupon code on AoD using our license key for AoC :P .

- Anyway it's "only" 5$ so I'll see it as a way of supporting SC development team, but I'll still wait a bit to get AoD just in case ;) .

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I understand how Strategiclayabout feels about the price, I was more than surprised to see a price reduction on the bundle just a little more than a month after AoC was released.

However, the $5 is going to an excellent cause: supporting the best 20th century strategic wargames available. If Hubert and Battlefront don't have our economic support, we won't have SC games (including the upcoming SC3).

If you haven't checked out their competition lately, I suggest you do so. (I'm intentionally not naming names or mentioning problems with the competition.) After you check it out, you'll be glad you paid the $5.

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I have to agree, and also in the thread that was linked by you Hubert:


The 14th post by the ADMINISTRATOR:


I am not a native English speaker, but I do not know how this sentence could possibly mean "the two expansions will be available as a bundle".

I would be lying if I said I won't buy it, because I will, but I still think it would be very fair if AoC customers got a coupon.

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I also was astonished about a bundle with a price discount.

I am also not an english native speaker, but I never expected a bundle for both. And in the end, it is not fair to punish those, who bought AoC early

to support Hubert and his team. But I will buy AoD, to be honest...:rolleyes:

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I completely understand that, steel32.

What annoys me here is that I explicitely read that there will be NO package deal for AOC+AOD, said by the Administrator of this forum.

I can't see how you could misunderstand the sentence either. Moon didn't write "it's definitive, the two expansions won't be available as a bundle together with SC Gold". If that was meant, it should have been made clear...

I have bought AoC early on the promise that there will be no package deal, so waiting would not make any sense. And now it turns out that there is a package deal and I could have saved 10 $ if I had waited.

I feel a bit cheated here.

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Bob, you can't just pluck what I posted out of thin air. It's a reply to a question, and you can see what the question is when you read the whole thread:


"The two expansion" refers to AoD and Gold. No one is talking about AoC and AoD here (or anywhere else).

Having said that, if you purchased AoC and would like to buy AoD, email me at sales@battlefront.com, and I'll happily get you a coupon (for this or a future purchase).

What's beyond me is why people seem to think we're out to cheat anyone or rip them off after all those years. I would have thought we've proven the opposite time and time again.

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I did not know that you meant SC Gold expansion + AoD as "the two expansion".

DrunkenLuftwaffe wrote

I've got no problem with laying out the $45 for GC Gold and $25 each for the expansions...

And you replied with

It's definitive, the two expansions won't be available as a bundle.

So I thought "the two expansions" referred to AoD and AoC.

Either way, thanks for your offer! I take back feeling cheated in that case:D

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Ha! Tell it to the choir Martin, you ....you....you diabolical administrator you!:eek: We know you've been monitoring our emails and posts, no telling what Battlefront is up to, what a gross violation of our constitutional rights, after all we're entitiled!:D

As far as Battlefront's intent, well that is for BF and it's maker to decide when that "Day of Reckoning" arrives, as it will for All!:P

Now get out there and make some more games.:cool:

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I was just going to start a thread on this when I noticed this one. I have bought almosy every Battlefront game and I have bought so many I think I should even get a "Freebie" at times. I bought the assault of communism for 25 bucks and now they release both games for 40 bucks. So, for me to get the AOD I have to pay an extra 10 dollars. Lousy system from my point of view and I should follow the advice that I read a long time ago about the computer pc market. Don't buy when it first comes out and knowing me, I would probably not buy it then or I would wait to get it reduced. Perhaps, people who shell out the bucks first should get the discount. You lose that group and you will lose customers. Just my opinion, I know I am not forced to buy but that's the point

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Huhr, you did read that Moon offered a coupon?

With this offer i see no reason for hurt feelings.

Look at the bright side here: you got AoC before those who waited for AoD AND you get the price reduction. Sounds reasonable and fair enough to me.


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I noticed that worm however, I only played the game once and I bought the game to show support. I play mostly other games and I shell out some money for this stuff. I like Battlefront and the games they produce. I just thought on this one that it might have saved a lot of us with a "brief" that previous owners of assault on communism could get it for a certain price. I have seen this before in the PC software market and its just a good strategy. I would do it since I don't want customers to lay off from buying something assuming for a wait until a bundle comes out. People change their minds and then don't buy anything.

I still like the games and will still buy them, oh well, enough of complaints on to games!!!!

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  • 11 months later...

Hi all.

Moon - I sent you an email referencing your post (#10) on this thread to get a coupon as I am going to purchase AoD.

Forgive my necro-ing this thread - I just wanted to pop a quick heads-up here as my email to you was wonky in a couple of ways... First off, I found this thread via Google, not directly searching in the forums. I have no idea why that should make a difference, but for some reason, the Google search result took me to this:


and not to a link that started with Battlefront.com/blahblah, which looks a little odd to begin with. On top of that, my Battlefront.com and forum account are different, not the same as I had originally said. :rolleyes:

Sorry for all the confusion - if you have any problems with my email, I just wanted to drop a quick line here to make sure you didn't think I was spamming you or something! :D

Thanks Moon.

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